Pronix client base consists of leading organizations in a variety of industries.

Our long-standing and strategic partnerships with some of these clients have helped us gain an in-depth understanding not just of their businesses but of the industries they are part of, and of the competitive advantage they have created for themselves by developing the technologies and applications that enable them to offer the services their customers are looking for.

There does not exist a formula solution. IT solutions vary with companies and organisations, their environment and business needs. What we can offer are customised solutions. What worked for someone else might not work for you. Times have changed. You no longer have to change your business practices, alter your business operations to fit into the existing software. Instead, softwares have learnt to adapt.

At Pronix we take pride in our experience and expertise in executing projects with geographically distributed teams, across various domains such as:

Government Solutions

Financial Services




Leveraging our experience from multiple projects, the core strength of our architecture, design and software development practice revolves around in-depth knowledge in development tools, application domains and testing process and methodologies. Pronix typically evaluates on various hardware and software platforms, thereby ensuring robustness of applications.

Our team has had years of priceless experience of building software solutions and applications for companies. This experience has enabled us to develop mature solutions and applications which would ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We try to coordinate our planning and designing processes as accurately as possible so that impeccable results are achieved in less time.

Other than our technological insights, our long-standing relationships with some of our clients has also enabled us to gather valuable insights on the industry and competitors which can be accounted for in the entire IT strategy to benefit even more.

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