Most businesses function through discrete departments and experiment with various systems for each function. Information, therefore, is literally stranded. Connecting to businesses and streamlining operations has become one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. If system is not streamlined in the way it has to be it may create a big chaos in the businesses which is a waste of both time and money.

That’s when system integration becomes important.

LOB (Line of Business) system pose as a hindrance for various companies and problems like errors and multiple login requirements lead to a hug wastage of time and cripple efficiency of a company, which can prove to be dangerous as no company wants to incur losses.

Microsoft SharePoint in such circumstances comes as a boon. With Microsoft Sharepoint, one can easily leverage existing LOB systems and create business critical applications.

System Integration

By doing so, companies are able to integrate their key business features and compete more efficiently, while trimming down any inefficiency. With Sharepoint, companies are able to build and link multiple technological systems, thereby offering companies an edge over their competition. We helps in building Business critical Sharepoint solutions for various organizations. We can now develop and build robust and complex IT platforms, serving various verticals and enabling these companies to adapt faster in the process.

Pronix Inc offer turnkey integration system to connect multiple technology systems which promote efficiency paired with flexibility and convenience.With Trunkey integration, companies are able to develop bespoke solutions utilizing various platforms and seamlessly interact between these with ease.

The objective is to provide organized delivery mechanisms, build robust and efficient IT platforms and reduce timeframe of business cycles which will automatically mitigate input costs. This assumes importance as most companies are keen to bring down overheads and should definitely enable them to compete more effectively in both the short term and long term.

The Integration services by Pronix Inc include Network Integration, Cloud computing, Integration of energy solutions, designing and integration of security infrastructure. Apart from these even Virtualization and consultancy services are also provided which would prove useful for businesses.

Pronix Inc, as a company, goes the extra mile and conducts extensive studies on IT infrastructure to navigate their efforts in the right direction. This is why we stand apart from the others, for all the right reasons.


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