At Pronix Inc, we take pride in the fact that we have developed cutting edge ecommerce solutions and have enabled various companies to leverage themselves and compete better. With our innovation, cutting edge technology and expertise, we can develop creative ecommerce solutions, from creating online shops, modular platforms, streamlining billing to providing your platform with the required architecture to allow for seamless operations.

Online retail is a part of our reality and with increasing market penetration along with the fact that most users opt to use hand held devices to shop online, it has become evident that online shopping is here to stay. It is vital for companies seeking to corner a share of the marketplace to realize this as more users start using online shops to meet their everyday needs rather than opt to head out to a brick and motor shop. With us and our fantastic team of talented designers, developers and business analysts, we can provide you with comprehensive ecommerce solutions along with end-to-end services including round the clock support. From crafting an elegant online store to utilizing business analytics to speed up conversion rates, to developing precise applications for your business, we handle it all.


Pronix’s e-development team has developed a suite of ecommerce solutions, designed to enable you to carve a nice for yourself in the online marketplace. Our team has developed innovative IT solutions enabling companies to compete better while increasing their efficiency and functionality. In addition, we have crafted innovative CRM and ERM tools for some of the leading companies and take pride in the fact that these are still being used today. We understand the need for websites to be compatible, and all our ecommerce solutions, are designed to be accessible via any device without loss of functionality or any aspect of the website. Moreover, we understand the need for security and ensure that your ecommerce solution is bundled with the latest in encryption technology, so that your platform remains safe and secure. So give us a call today and take that first step towards setting up an online shop and reaching out to your customer base.

The other e-commerce services that our experts are capable of offering are:

  • Order tracking
  • Instantaneous order reception and order processing
  • Regular and rigorous bug and virus inspection
  • Customization


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