E-Docs and E-Delivery for Major Investment Banking

Business Problem

Our client provides services for Managed Investment (MI) for its direct customers and firms.  This project is to develop an application using technology like (Java, Angular, Spring, Tomcat) and another new stack to manage Electronic Document Management and e-delivery pertaining to MI.

Business Solution

Design and Develop backend java 1.8 based services and web-based user interface using for rich user experience and to handle high volumes transactions Angular based on growing customer base.

Technical Solution

1. Design and develop RestFul services for document management, search, view, upload, store.
2. Design and develop Angular based UI to manage preferences,  search, view, upload and store documents.
3. Implement CI/CD using Jenkins and Docker


Java 1.8, Angular 6, Spring (core, AOP, MVC,  security, JDBCTemplate, boot), SQL, Oracle DB, Kafka Message pipes, REST Web Services, Git Hub, Sharepoint, Jenkins, Confluence, MS Visio.