Integrated Trading Mutual Funds, Morcom Trading, E-Ticketing to Financial Services and Banking Company

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

Mutual fund Application Migration: We are migrating a legacy application of mutual fund UI to Spring boot, React UI, Gaia cloud and Kafka. Mutual fund manager manages the client’s portfolio, he can place buy or sell or a exchange order using new migration application with micro services and react frontend.

Business Solution

  • Legacy application as 3 LOB’s(PBA-Private Banking only US region, JPMA -US Based Trading JPMC own security MF, IPB-International Private Bank)
  • Legacy application should be maintained until the new application is migrated to go-live.
  • New system known as CONNECT app replaces all 3 legacy applications into single application.
  • Providing better user experience by having different LOB’s instead of user accessing the whole application.
  • Based on user access specific line of business is redirected.
  • Considered the new UI design solution for easy user GUI.

Technical Solutions

Implemented React JS, Forms, Events, Keys, Router and custom Reusable React Components.

  • Created reusable React components and managed application state with Redux.
  • Created react functions, reducers, actions for state management using redux.
  • Used jest framework for creating testcase for react components.
  • Used Webpack as module bundler and Babel for compiling and build component based React architecture and SASS preprocessing for configuring tasks.
  • Utilized Spring JDBC custom quires to save and update data base using REST API from UI operations like add/delete.
  • Created REST API end points for end   user to perform create, update, delete operations through the front end to database via axios API calls to React Front End
  • Implemented Kafka producer and consumer applications on Kafka cluster setup with help of Zookeeper.
  • Used Spring Kafka API calls to process the messages smoothly on Kafka Cluster setup.
  • Developed RESTful resources using Rest Template, consumed REST from various vendors.
  • Implemented Completable Future using Java 8 for parallel call for the microservices.
  • Used spring config server for centralized configuration and Splunk for centralized logging. Used Concourse and Jenkins for Microservices deployment
  • Integrated Swagger UI(JSON/YAML) and wrote integration test along with REST document.

Technologies/ Skills Used

Java1.8, React 16.x, SpringBoot2.X, GIT, SpringBatch4.X, Jest 21.2.1, redux, redux-thunk, Jenkins(Jules),Kafka, Swagger

Customer Success Outcomes

Few modules went go-live. Successfully started receiving new trades on daily basis.