New Provider and Employer Portal for Healthcare Insurance Provider

Business Problem/Scope of Work

  • The Alabama Medicaid agency has been trying to address issues with the health status of Medicaid Eligible Individuals and the level of quality of existing services in Alabama.
  • The Majority of EI’s covered by Medicaid in AL are children and addressing their care is important. Also. A significant number of EI’s suffer high rates of chronic conditions such as asthma and blood pressure.
  • Also, the pre-term birth rate and infant mortality rate are high.
  • Customer Commercial clients need to have access to their member eligibility.

Business Solution

  • Previously, AMA had four separate programs to address these concerns.
  • To overcome all these issues, AMA is consolidating four programs into a single network called Alabama Coordinated Health Network (ACHN).
  • The purpose of Alabama Coordinated Health Network is to improve healthcare outcomes through appropriate care coordination targeting high risk and high-cost individuals.
  • Also, implementing new provider portal for the providers.
  • Implementing new employer portal for viva commercial clients to have access to their member eligibility that includes reviewing eligibility, ordering id cards etc.

Technical Solution

  • Java/J2EE, Collections and Exception handling.
  • Used front-end technologies like React JS and Next JS to construct dynamic web page.
  • Developed application using Spring frameworks like Spring Boot in the application layer.
  • Built Microservices based applications by using Spring Boot.