SAP Integration Environmental Compliance for Major Energy Company

Business Problem

Client have Environmental Compliance for their oil refinery business in one of the modules of Enablon. All that information needs to feed into SAP which in turn utilized by people at field and work accordingly.

Client acquired a major oil corporation and in process of merging their business into the parent Entity.

Business Solutions

An integrations has to build between SAP and Enablon module in order to have transfer of data.

Technical Solutions

We developed consumer proxy web service which is called by middleware CPI as soon they receive info from Enablon. This web service creates Work orders in SAP PM and responds back with the corresponding info to Enablon via CPI.

There are also other interfaces that carry info of completed WO to Enablon that completes the task at their end.

Technologies/Skills Used


Customer Success Outcomes

Enablon project has successfully gone live that helps our client to do their Environmental Compliance in Enablon.