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PRONIX delivers scalable, unparalleled, secure, and cost-effective Automotive services using the best of time-proven and emerging technologies. From industry-leading IoT infrastructure platforms to global cellular data connectivity, PRONIX leads the way when it comes to creating and nurturing the highest standards for the enterprise IoT deployments of tomorrow.

Whether you are an enterprise or Original equipment manufacturer (OEM), PRONIX can assist you to identify and extract value from connected vehicles. By joining hands with PRONIX -- the industry leader in transforming unconnected products into connected services -- you can be assured of receiving seamless, robust, and streamlined functional and technical building blocks. These blocks can be used to get and stay connected with a wide range of end-user and internal connected vehicle applications. Using PRONIX Automotive Services, you can easily and quickly connect vehicle solutions, which allow original equipment manufacturers to create delighting ownership and driving experiences.

PRONIX provides a rich and powerful stack of plug-and-play IoT components that have the capability of streamlining the development of connected vehicle applications. These highly scalable components that are powered by the latest, innovative, and sophisticated technologies, processes, and functionalities support standard IoT protocols.

The open APIs of PRONIX are geared to ensure seamless integration with various forms and kinds of automotive equipment -- control units, electronics, sensors, and more -- and assist your business -- so that you can get the best of smart driving assistance, connected vehicle systems' monitoring, and automated emergency management. Not only this, PRONIX automotive services can be implemented and executed to get the best of cloud-based infotainment solutions, driver safety systems, real-time fleet management, predictive maintenance, and optimized logistics.

PRONIX automotive services that are characterized by enterprise-grade scalability ensure successful and comprehensive implementation and execution of vehicle health, telematics solutions, and end-to-end fleet management services through in-cloud data management, embedded applications, and user analytics.

Get the best of PRONIX automotive services now and rediscover fleet performance like never before!