The customer service and interaction landscape today has become far more competitive than it was twenty years ago. Advances in technology and expectations now allow consumers to act on a whim. If you are not helping your customers quickly enough, they will move to a competitor. One of the solutions that businesses can deploy right now to create a better customer experience is chatbots.

The chatbots of today are powered by AI. They can adapt to conversations, connect to other digital infrastructure systems, and perform faster operations quicker than a human. In today’s hyper-competitive world where everyone is connected 24/7, a chatbot is the best tool to have in your arsenal.

Why is that?

Customers have come to expect availability every hour of the day. It’s no longer the case where a business can staff a support center between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM and not expect upset customers. The digital information age has trained customers that businesses can and should be available 24x7.

Paying staff for that kind of availability is both difficult and expensive. Chatbots can respond to customer inquiries and solve customer issues no matter the time of day. They can offer a business 24x7 support – something that traditionally only the most well-funded businesses have been able to offer.

One would think that customers wouldn’t appreciate speaking to a robot. After all, most customers get very aggravated just by traversing an IVR. Yet, Pronix has been leading the way by developing sophisticated AI that can both speak and respond like a human.

One of the more difficult problems facing the development of chatbots is understanding the nuance of spoken language. AI needs to be able to both understand and speak with nuances such as slang. Humans rarely speak in perfect language. Once these goals are achieved, they can pass the Turing test – a test designed to see if a human can tell the difference between man or machine. Pronix has created AI chatbots that are indistinguishable from a living call center representative and thus solving that problem.

In many cases, because customers can communicate with these chatbots in the comfort of their home, or on a mobile device, and not have to wade through a customer service line’s IVR, customer satisfaction increases dramatically. Businesses that deploy chatbots find a greater customer retention rate and better customer satisfaction scores. This is due to three key points:

  • Chatbots by Pronix can pass the Turing test. Because customers believe they are talking to a human support agent, interaction and engagement increases while mitigating customer frustration.
  • Chatbots are available 24x7. This offers customers the opportunity to communicate with a business all hours of the day. Having 24x7 availability means that businesses will not miss sales or the opportunity to resolve a customer issue.
  • Chatbots can interact much faster than a human can. This means that chatbots can handle a much higher customer volume while interacting with other key IT systems instantly.

Historically creating an automated solution was met with too much friction while interacting with customers. PRONIX has solved that issue with their advanced AI agents that can create a system that customers can communicate with a natural language. The ability to process natural language, combined with the ability to solve complex problems and interface with other IT systems, has allowed Pronix to create a solution that both lowers the cost of doing business and increases customer engagement and satisfaction.