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Internet of Things has been playing an all-important role in transforming businesses. Your business requires the best of engineering expertise along with a clear vision of your IoT-powered future to benefit from the Internet of Things.

PRONIX is one of the world's leading and most reputed providers of IoT Engineering services that are empowering organizations, irrespective of their size of operations or line of business, to design and deploy IoT solutions. We provide assistance with the development and deployment of smart and connected devices having the right sensing capabilities and connectivity by utilizing the right combinations of sensors, electronic components, codified logic, and integration mechanisms so that your business can reap the optimum advantages of IoT Engineering services.

We deliver power-packed and seamless IoT Engineering services by leveraging different and integral components of embedded ecosystems like device drivers, LTE, sensors, Wi-Fi, BSPs, RTOS, camera, routers, etc. so that your business can easily operational efficiencies while cutting down dramatically on the associated costs.

PRONIX also provides state-of-the-art interaction and process flow between the backend systems and the IoT-powered devices to enable fast and lightweight communication. Our experienced teams of IoT Engineering service professionals are fully competent to handle complex operations such as API development, third-party integration, and synchronizing the participating platforms to advance your IoT adoption journey.

We at PRONIX can help you with Customer relationship management, SMS integration, ticketing system integration, OSS/BSS integration, Billing system integration, etc.

PRONIX has the manpower, resources, and expertise to build powerful and seamless solutions from scratch. By its sensors based on the use cases or state-of-the-art IoT devices or front-end UI development, PRONIX has its footprint everywhere.

You can connect our reliable IoT devices (that are compatible with several industry verticals) over different communication media like NB-IoT, GPRS, and more to fully address and conquer the challenges associated with the regular IoT landscape.