The truth is that the cloud journey for every Enterprise is unique; and partnering with an experienced solutions company like PRONIX provides Enterprises with a world of options, solutions, expertise, and experience that can be tailored for their unique journeys

PRONIX offers end-to-end services including consulting, Infrastructure Services(IaaS), Platform Services (PaaS), Software Services (SaaS), and domain-specific cloud services to support organizations in their cloud transformation programs and enable them to cut operating costs, enhance business agility, and reduce the time-to-market for new offerings. PRONIX Cloud Offerings, including advisory and managed services, enables companies to migrate their legacy IT systems to the cloud in a cost-effective and time-bound manner. Our services cover the entire spectrum of cloud solutions and are available through the public cloud, private cloud or a combination of both– the hybrid cloud. 


Switch On Cloud Computing with Pronix Cloud Services for More Agility, Flexibility, and Cost Savings. 


PRONIX Cloud Solutions deliver flexible infrastructure services without compromising on security, availability, speed, and control.  PRONIX Cloud Services gives you all the elastic computing power you need to respond flexibly, affordably, virtually, now. 

• Enterprise Cloud Strategy • Detailed assessment for baseline across Infra, Apps & Functions • Target State definition and Roadmap • Business case creation and TCO • Technology architecture, Tool & Platforms recommendation

• Cloud-Native Application Architecture, Design and Build  • Application Runtime platform Design, Integration & Build • Application Migration to target cloud platform • DevOps & AGILE development environment setup, toolset integration, and team support

• Enterprise application landscape assessment • SaaS strategy consulting and adoption/migration roadmap development • SaaS implementation practices with Platform-specific and Vertical-specific competency • Full Lifecycle SaaS Migration, Integration and Implementation

• Cloud IaaS design, integration and configuration (Hybrid, Multi-Cloud) • Infrastructure Automation Design, Build and Integration • ElasticOps for Zero Touch Cloud Platform operations; delivered-as-a-service 



Assessment: Full analysis of the best cloud environment for your enterprise, including strategic roadmaps detailing infrastructure maturity, cloud migration, automation, business-critical applications and licensing.

Design: Architecture designs cover private, multi-tenant and hybrid environments in alignment with business goals and vendor optimization. We can also review, validate and enhance existing designs.

Enablement: Build and deploy cloud designs hosted within an environment you control, or on external clouds hosted in our data centers.

Integration: Deploy and optimize business-critical applications on cloud infrastructures and enable virtual desktop infrastructure solutions for centralized control, security, patching, and monitoring.


Cloud Offerings help companies reap the following benefits
Lower TCO:
Use off-the-shelf hardware components and virtualization to rationalize operating expenditure, capitalizing on the cloud model's pay-per-use aspect 
Increased business agility: Enable automated provisioning and management of applications, and corresponding infrastructure resources, to facilitate an agile and responsive IT environment; reduce the time to market new products and services through the faster and accurate decision making 


The Pronix Advantage
By partnering with us, you can leverage the following differentiators: Customized offerings: PRONIX Cloud Offerings can be tailored to your unique business needs, with the flexibility to support legacy hardware and applications. Moreover, our services are compatible with various co-hosting modes, allowing an enterprise IT environment to be uniformly managed irrespective of whether it is legacy compute, private cloud or public cloud or hybrid cloud.

Deep domain expertise: Over the years, we have gained rich experience in delivering solutions pertaining to application development, engineering, re-engineering, and migration, as well as infrastructure management. PRONIX has a proven track record in helping global businesses transform their IT landscape for significant improvement in the availability and reliability of IT infrastructure.

Reduced complexity: Innovate and develop applications to effectively adapt to new business challenges by making use of readily available infrastructure, environment, and services

Increased flexibility: Calibrate the scope and nature of your IT sourcing from cloud vendors, according to varying business requirements

Strategic alliances: PRONIX Cloud Offerings are underpinned by our strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform(GCP), SAP Cloud, etc..

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