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Internet of Things(IoT) is a network of physical objects vehicles, machines, home appliances, use sensors, and APIs to connect and exchange data over the Internet. The IoT depends on a whole host of technologies – such as application programming interfaces (APIs) that connect devices to the Internet, Big Data management tools, predictive analytics, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, cloud and radio-frequency identification (RFID). IoT is significant because an object that can be representing itself digitally is greater than the object by itself. No longer does the object relate just to its user, but it is now connected to surrounding objects and database data. When many objects act in unison, they are known as having "ambient intelligence."

In the Internet of Things, all the things that are connected to the internet can be put into three categories:

 1. Things that collect information and then send it.
 2.  Things that receive information and then act on it.
 3.  Things that do both.

 IBM Watson is one of the IOT, which is useful to built-in web console dashboards to monitor your IoT data and analyze it in real-time. Then, enhance and customize your IBM Watson IoT Platform experience by building and connecting your own applications by using messaging and REST APIs. Watson is useful for Market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, deep industry and domain expertise, Open and flexible solutions: Gain a fully integrated view of all assets with equipment agnostic solutions, trusted security and dedication to privacy.

IOT benefits are to monitor overall business processes, improve the customer experience, save time and money, enhance employee productivity, integrate and adapt business models, make better business decisions and generate more revenue. IoT encourages companies to rethink the ways they approach their businesses, industries, and markets and gives them the tools to improve their business strategies.