Application of mathematical, statistical, predictive modeling and machine learning techniques on a large volume of data to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data. Data can be structured, unstructured, audio, or visual and to make all that data work together as an engine that augments human ability by unlocking the hidden insights from your data called cognitive analytics in IBM.  The most used analytic types are predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis, and descriptive analysis.

Primary goals of analytics are Price Optimization, Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, risk ability, customer insight. The analytical lifecycle consists of identifying the problem, prepare data for analysis, explore data, transform data and create models, test and validate models, deploy models, monitor and assess models.

IBM Cognos Analytics, driven by Artificial Intelligence, allows a customer to find out not only what’s happening, but also why it’s happening in their business. We are advancing ahead of dashboard visualizations to Artificial Intelligence. Watson Studio desktop helps to modernize predictive analytics and machine learning processes. Leverage simple, drag-and-drop data prep, blending and modeling with open source programming and no-code visual modeling in neural network modeler including Python scripting, Data Refinery, IBM SPSS Modeler and Visualization. We had SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler, IBM Watson Explorer, Cognos analytics for advanced predictive analytics solutions.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio is an advanced prescriptive analytics that enables rapid development and deployment of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming to create real-world applications. This fully optimized environment supports Optimization Programming Language (OPL) and the high-performance CPLEX and CP Optimizer solvers helpful in multi-objective hierarchical, blended, mixed modeling. Decision Optimization, AMOS with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Grandpa are advanced prescriptive analysis methods.We provide you DB2 query Management, data virtualization, IBM planning analytics are data visualization techniques for highly secure business analytics solutions with visual reports and dashboards. Cognos integration server, Cognos dashboard embedded, DB2 analytics accelerator, Cognos controller for overall business analytics.