Fusion Middleware

What we do Technologies Oracle Fusion Middleware

Fusion Middleware also was known as FMW or Oracle Fusion Middleware. It consists of several software products that are from Oracle Corporation. It provides software for the development, deployment, developer tools, Integration Services. Fusion Middleware act as messaging services or act as a bridge between data management and communication in distributed applications. Mainly, Fusion Middleware is designed to support numerous application architectures, to eliminate the difficulty of integration of data.

Fusion Middleware mainly offers complete support for development, deployment, and management. Fusion Middleware provides the communication between systems, it is able to maintain the decency of information across multiple systems in a single network. Common middleware examples are like database middleware, application server middleware, message-oriented middleware. Using Fusion Middleware, developers can create different types of applications that are networked. Because of its high development cost, there is no much business with middleware. And also, with middleware, it slows the connection between the application server and database server.

For all the middleware problems, PRONIX has a solution for selecting suitable middleware for a different type of applications. We use BMC stack Remedy server, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Web API and other middleware’s to provide the enterprise-level security, powerful administrations, integrating the middleware, scalability, security authentication, transaction management, message queues, application servers, reliable communication between the web services and many other factors are covered in applications which are developed from PRONIX.

The most important reason to use the middleware as it allows both the application server and database server works independently. If one server is down, the other server continues to work. We proudly say that we have solutions for all the problems that are causing using middlewares in types of applications like web applications, enterprise applications, healthcare applications, etc.,