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Office 365 is Microsoft’s time-honored suite of efficient tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offered as a subscription-based service to Windows and Mac users both. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, is not so well-known. Though Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 back in 2017 but only for businesses, enterprises, and education partners.

Being speculative on the matter, one of two things could happen when or if Microsoft 365’s availability expands to consumers - Microsoft 365 replaces Office 365 as an offering, thereby forcing users who already have Windows (or Mac OS) to buy a package that has both Office and the Windows 10 OS, or Microsoft 365 can reinstate Office 365 but only as a brand, thereby letting users select the services they want at the time of purchase. For instance, customers could buy just Windows 10, or just Office 365, or both when they purchase Microsoft 365. Knowing Microsoft, the latter is more likely to happen as the management knows the pulse of the customer beforehand.

Microsoft 365 businesses is an integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class output of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard your business.  You can create your best work with intelligent tools built into Office. Get work done with enterprise-grade email and calendaring. Accessing files from anywhere with online file storage and easily integrating them with other commonly used apps and solutions can impress the client in one go.