SAP Cloud

SAP Cloud Platform is an open business platform designed to help you innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility, and choice. Thanks to our multi-cloud foundation you can leverage the latest cloud-native technologies and benefit from major hyper scaler infrastructures. Use one platform to make intelligent, mobile-ready applications to better service customers, modernize business processes and compete effectively. As the basis for an intelligent enterprise, SAP Cloud Platform enables companies to react, adjust and grow quickly to meet new market prospects.

SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product that provides a development and runtime environment for cloud applications. Based on SAP HANA in-memory database technology, and using open source and open standards, SCP allows independent software vendors (ISVs), start-ups and developers to create and test HANA-based cloud applications. SAP Cloud Platform enables you to build, run, and run next-generation applications. The starter edition gives you the opportunity to begin creating applications on an in-memory platform as a service with a minimal upfront investment, already today.

SAP Cloud Platform, a starter edition, is for non-productive use and comes with a community support model. Although the applications developed and running on SCP provide widely divergent functions and benefits, they share a common feature of enabling business digital transformation. August 2018, SAP lists 19 capabilities that generally fall under data-based services and analytics, emerging technologies, user-based activities, and application development and deployment. Prominent capabilities include the following:

Analytics, allowing you to embed advanced analytics into applications for real-time answers. Secondly, DevOps simplifies application development and operations. Third, Integration, which permits you to integrate on-premises and cloud applications. Fourth, Mobile, that is, enabling mobile app development. Creating new solutions and enhance your application portfolio with smart business services, partner-built applications and leading-edge technologies like machine learning, AI, IoT, and predictive analytics.