Work At Pronix

PRONIX is About People – Are You the Right Fit?


We are looking for talented professionals looking for IT services jobs to help us continue to build our reputation as a leader in professional services and information management solutions.
Each year a new set of skills is required to stay with the current wave of technology. That's why we are always on the lookout for talented, innovative professionals who enjoy their work and understand that our ultimate success depends on how well we satisfy our clients.
The PRONIX TEAM comes from a wide range of cultural, educational, and geographic backgrounds. Each person can work in our dynamic and professional environment, upholding our values of honesty, integrity, hard work, quality, and professionalism.
PRONIX is an equal opportunity employer, committed to the personal, professional, and technical development of our people. We offer a competitive compensation package as well as opportunities to share in the success of the business.


An Incentive


We believe in rewarding employees for their outstanding day-to-day efforts in helping the business move forward. Here are a few of the incentives we offer:


The areas of customer service, efficiency, and great ideas that improve the business are hard to quantify, but we reward employees that contribute significantly in these areas.


Usually taking the form of contests that are related to short term sales and revenue production activities, our contests help build team morale and provide bonuses to exemplary work.


If an Employee refers either a client to Pronix and that referral produces revenue for the company, that client gets a bonus.

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