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Pronix Inc and Tricentis Collaboration

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Join forces with Pronix Inc and Tricentis to elevate your software testing and quality assurance capabilities.


About Pronix Inc

Pronix Inc is a leading software testing and quality assurance company committed to assisting IT firms in reducing costs and enhancing application reliability. With a dedicated team of experts and a proven track record, Pronix leverages innovative testing methodologies to ensure seamless performance across web, mobile, and cloud applications.

About Tricentis

Tricentis is a global leader in continuous testing and quality engineering. The Tricentis AI-based, continuous testing portfolio of products provide a new and fundamentally different way to perform software testing. An approach that’s totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. It addresses both agile development and complex enterprise apps, enabling enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by dramatically increasing software release speed, reducing costs, and improving software quality. Widely credited for reinventing software testing for DevOps, cloud, and enterprise applications, Tricentis has been recognized as a leader by all major industry analysts, including Forrester, Gartner, and IDC. Tricentis has more than 3,000 customers, including the largest brands in the world, such as McKesson, Allianz, Telstra, Dolby, and Vodafone. To learn more, visit


Why Partner with

Pronix Inc and Tricentis

By partnering with Pronix Inc and Tricentis, you gain access to a formidable alliance that combines the expertise of two industry leaders in software testing and quality assurance. Together, we offer unparalleled capabilities, innovative solutions, and extensive domain knowledge to address your testing challenges and drive digital transformation initiatives.

Pronix QA and DevOps Services

Pronix offers a comprehensive suite of quality assurance and DevOps services tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Our services include:

  • Quality Assurance and Testing Services for web, mobile, and cloud applications.

  • QA Automation refers to automating the process of tracking and managing the different tests. In a traditional scenario, testing gets finished toward the finish of a development cycle.

  • Development and Testing Engineers proficient in test automation and performance testing.

  • Testing Services encompassing product testing, regression testing, automation testing, performance testing, configuration testing, installation & upgrade testing, integration & system testing, functional testing, and compatibility testing.

Tricentis Services

Tricentis specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions in

  • Test automation

  • Test management

  • Mobile testing

  • Performance testing

  • Data & change intelligence

  • AI-powered testing

Our services enable organizations to streamline testing processes, enhance test coverage, and accelerate time-to-market for their software products.

Industry Solutions

Retail Innovation Experience

Retail Innovation Experience


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Financial Serivces

Financial Services Innovation Experience














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Consumer Goods

Products We serve

Our Software Testing Solutions

Test automation

Our collaboration brings together a comprehensive suite of test automation solutions aimed at optimizing the testing process. Leveraging tools like Tosca, we adopt a model-based approach for efficient automation. Specializing in test automation for Salesforce, our joint efforts ensure robust testing of Salesforce applications. Additionally, we harness the power of Testim, utilizing AI and machine learning to create and execute automated tests with unparalleled speed and accuracy

Test management

Benefit from our combined expertise in test management with solutions like qTest, enabling end-to-end management of testing activities. Seamlessly integrate testing capabilities within the Jira environment through test management for Jira. Furthermore, our joint venture introduces the Vera platform, enhancing test management processes and allowing organizations to organize, execute, and track tests effectively.

Data & change intelligence

Ensuring data integrity is paramount, and our collaboration excels in thorough data integrity testing, safeguarding against errors and corruption. Leveraging the intelligence of LiveCompare, we provide insights into system changes to assess impacts and mitigate risks effectively.

Mobile testing

In the realm of mobile testing, our collaboration offers Testim Mobile and Tosca Mobile solutions for automated testing of mobile applications. Additionally, our Device Cloud provides a robust infrastructure for testing mobile apps on real devices, ensuring compatibility and performance across various platforms.

Performance testing

Our joint expertise extends to performance testing services aimed at validating the scalability, responsiveness, and reliability of applications under different load conditions. Rest assured, our collaboration ensures that applications perform optimally, meeting user expectations even under high demand.