QA Assurance and DevOps

Achieve Quality Assurance and DevOps excellence. Guaranteed.


Developers need to understand application interdependencies, complexity, and quality across platforms and environments.

But that’s not the end of the story…

Applications developed must be continuously tested to ensure that they meet compliance requirements and are operating at their full potential.

PRONIX is finest software testing and quality assurance company, that leverages IT firms to help reduce costs and improve the reliability of your applications.

Quality Assurance And Testing Services

How do you prove that your IT systems and applications are serving you well? – Testing

We work with you to improve testing productivity through:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Automation
  • Industry Specialization
  • Day-To-Day Testing Management

PRONIX delivers quality assurance testing services to develop, update, verify, and execute test scripts for:

  • Web and Mobile Applications 
    iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby
  • Cloud Applications 
    Windows Azure, Google App Engine,
    Amazon Web Services, Amazon EC2, Crackspace

We provide Full Product Verification to Manage all aspects of product testing and our DevOps solutions and service provider company provide services on various business applications in the fields of Healthcare, CRM, Retail, E-commerce, BFSI, Education, Hospitality, Media & Publishing, Manufacturing, and Logistics.

Benefits of QA & Testing

  • Ensure end-user satisfaction with their applications
  • Get products to market faster
  • Procure high-quality applications without show-stopping issues
  • Flag and address security threats
  • Achieve business compliance
  • Get certifications
  • Detect performance bottlenecks

DevOps Services

DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and operation teams. In this single, merged team engineers work across the entire application lifecycle, from development and testing to deployment and operations.

The PRONIX DevOps team uses a technology stack and tools to ensure:

  • Speed of Development
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Scale
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Security

Lean and agile development are the underpinnings of PRONIX DevOps services company - helping teams to cut waste, shorten cycle times, and increase customer value.

  • Meet business changes head-on with innovation using agility and APIs
  • Bridge the gap between on-premises and public clouds to increase agility, protect data, and lower costs
  • Automate by repackaging platforms and applications into reusable building blocks using technologies such as virtual machines and containerization
  • Scale lean and agile processes across an enterprise

Our DevOps Tool Stack


Development And Testing Engineers (SDET)

SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test. An SDET is an IT professional who can work equally effectively in both development and testing. He/she is an integral part of the complete software development process. 

What does an SDET do?

  • Write code and test code
  • Fix problematic code
  • Analyze
  • Solve issues

The business today has awakened to the truth that testing is more significant than programming. As a result, SDET programming experts are highly in demand. PRONIX has sought out highly qualified SDET professionals to make sure that your development project and testing are conducted to the highest of standards.

Test Automation

Test Automation refers to automating the process of tracking and managing the different tests. In a traditional scenario, testing gets finished toward the finish of a development cycle.

Everything has changed with the fast pace of business.

Today, the continuous delivery model in which software is continually being developed requires continuous, automatic testing protocols.

The Advantages of Test Automation

  • Speed
  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Removal of human error
  • Ensures a high standard of quality
  • Enables engineers to spend more time improving the code

Performance Testing

Performance testing aggregates all the tests related to an application or framework performance and compares those numbers to the developer’s expectations of that application or framework.

With these performance tests results in hand, we can see and address bottlenecks, bugs, and errors, while choosing how best to optimize the application to dispose of the issues.

Performance testing is key to digital transformation.


Digital transformation is driving organizations to quicken the pace in the development and delivery of new products and services to the market. This has necessitated an agile approach to both business and the underlying technologies. Performance testing provides the metrics needed for real-time decision making.


  • Manage all aspects of Product Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Installation & Upgrade Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Integration & System Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Automation Testing

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