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What Is


Digital Transformation is using technology to impact the profound and comprehensive transformation of the processes, functionalities, technologies, models, activities, and competencies of an organization.

Utilizing digital transformation strategies allows you to fully leverage your organization’s capacity and opportunities. 

Digital transformation helps you become more:

  • people-oriented
  • agile
  • streamlined
  • customer-centric
  • innovative

Why Partner With PRONIX For


Pronix understands both the business challenges you are facing and the technologies it takes to help you overcome those challenges. We employ methods that help you align your processes, people, and technology to redefine and boost business performance.

This is done by collaborating with your key players to:

  • Plan and implement sweeping organizational changes
  • Retrain employees
  • Improve on-site and mobile workflow
  • Experiment with proven new technologies
  • Set up innovation labs to satisfy strategic objectives

We help organizations leverage raw data and turn it from the maintenance nightmare of today into a distinctive and competitive advantage for the future.

The Key Digital Transformation Technologies For


Digital Applications And Mobility

By harnessing the power of mobile technologies, organizations are unlocking immense value and unleashing dormant potential.

  • Mobile Workflows
  • Greater Agility
  • Higher Productivity
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Agility

Cloud Transformation

Pronix Inc is ready to help your organization migrate on-site data and processes into the cloud. Already in the cloud? Great! Let’s make sure that your cloud environment is optimized and secure.

  • Enable your mobile workforce
  • Leverage your data to gain real-time insights
  • Improve alignment with partners and customers
  • Secure your workflow and data
  • Ensure legislative and industry-standards compliance
  • Implement a robust business continuity strategy

Our Strategic Cloud Transformation Partnerships


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Want to join the Big League of Artificial Intelligence empowered companies? PRONIX can guide you in the right direction without hurting your wallet. Don't be left behind in the race of extracting meaningful information from Big Data and winning your target audience.

  • Collect data at scale
  • Analyze huge quantities of data at lightning speed
  • Anticipate consumer trends accurately
  • Minimize your costs
  • Improve your customers' experiences
  • Identify and understand the unknowns
  • Forecast outcomes
  • Develop the best possible strategies

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Using IoT-powered technologies and devices, your business can redefine operational efficiencies and workplace productivity like never before.

  • Use Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication to ensure total transparency, improve quality, and lower inefficiencies.
  • Embrace state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure for faster, more precise output.
  • Save valuable time, effort, money, manpower, and other resources.
  • Trace and track physical objects while they're on the move.
  • Build real-time, near-perfect forecasts based on IoT gathered data points.
  • Stay safe with IoT surveillance systems.
  • Use IoT produced data to spot or predict breakdowns, bottlenecks, or process issues.


API Management

Application program interface (API), is a small piece of software or code that helps two or more applications to interact with each other. It is the critical foundation of digital transformation.

APIs assist your business in:

  • Promoting a culture of collaboration
  • Innovating new cost-saving shortcuts
  • Creating business agility
  • Removing time-consuming manual input
  • Build ecosystems that promote adaptability, flexibility, innovation
  • Synchronize people, processes, and technology

Some of the Strategic Partners We Use to Give You API Efficiency Are:


Blockchain brings trust to peer-to-peer networks that are complemented by a trusted and objective third party to facilitate and authenticate transactions.

Using PRONIX Blockchain solutions, your business can:

  • Record and maintain huge quantities of complex data - sequentially and indefinitely.
  • Safeguard customer privacy
  • Protect critical business information against hacking
  • Guard against data corruption or
  • Automatically trigger specific actions based on the terms and conditions laid out in a contract
  • Reduce time and cost in transactions
  • Manage inventory - track products and materials
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Automate supplier payments

Robotics Process Automation

By automating repetitive tasks, RPA can help companies reduce human work hours by 10% to 20%. The benefits of RPA are vast, but getting started can be a challenge for many organizations.

RPA, or robotic process automation, is a technology solution that enables the use of a robot. These robots can capture data and interpret it, carry out transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other technology systems

Why RPA?

Repetitive tasks done by humans are greatly prone to error, but RPA can eliminate that possibility for a seamless process.  

The applications for RPA are vast and commonly include:

  • Logging into applications
  • Reading and writing to databases
  • Connecting to system APIs
  • Opening emails and any attachments
  • Copying and pasting data
  • Scraping the web for data
  • Moving files and folders
  • Making calculations
  • Extracting data from documents and processing the content

Available Tools for RPA

The range of RPA tools available is diverse and growing every day. Several tools offer drag-and-drop systems to automate your business processes. If you are looking to incorporate robotic process automation into your backend processes, consider the following tools.


If you are not helping your customers quickly enough, they will move to a competitor. One of the solutions that businesses can deploy right now to create a better customer experience is chatbots.

The chatbots of today are powered by AI and can adapt to conversations, connect to other digital infrastructure systems, and perform operations quicker than a human can. In today’s hyper-competitive world where everyone is connected 24/7, a chatbot is the best tool to have in your arsenal.

  • Chatbots by Pronix can pass the Turing test. Because customers believe they are talking to a human support agent, interaction and engagement increases while mitigating customer frustration.
  • Chatbots handle the easy tasks. This frees your team to handle the escalated issues of customer management
  • Chatbots are available 24x7. Having 24x7 availability means that businesses will not miss sales or the opportunity to resolve a customer issue.
  • Chatbots can interact much faster than a human can. Chatbots can handle a much higher customer volume while interacting with other key IT systems instantly.

Attributes of Digital Leaders in 2022.

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