Benefits and Risks of AI

13 November, 2019


Artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing, moving from Siri to self-driving cars. Human has had a dream for an extended period to create machines that can make their own decisions. This is quite seen in science fiction movies. Right now, the situation has progressed slowly being on the edge of “Narrow AI” or “Week AI”. The machines can only carry out a simple task by itself. The current efficient use of AI is digital assistants such as Alexa for Amazon and Apple Siri.  Through AI, Pronix creates services such as digital transformation mobility and cloud computing that help in business daily operations.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence
The machines using AI tries to mimic human beings’ cognitive abilities by incorporating machine learning algorithms to solve problems. AI has the following benefits

It increases the work efficiency
Machines powered by AI are excellent in doing repetitive tasks efficiently and effectively. The devices always achieve accurate results every time they do the job removing all the human errors. Unlike human beings, they can work 24/7. A good example is the AI-powered Chat assist which provides support to visitors, and answers customer queries every second a person comes online.

AI machines reduce the cost of training and operation
The use of machine learning algorithms such as deep learning and neural networks helping in learning how humans do things. Through this, the machine eliminates the process of writing new code; everything the tools are doing new things. They learn to form human beings and do it themselves. AI machines cut the cost of training and operations when compared to human beings. The services of Pronix deliver cutting edge software and digital solutions which reduces the costs involved in productions.

AI machines improve processes
AI machines have a lot of machine learning abilities making it possible to analyze several tasks. They deal with humongous amounts of data related to their work. A good example is data processing such as quantitative analysis.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence
Although AI has brought a lot of benefits to human life, it is threatening the life of human beings. In case of errors, it can endanger the human experience. AI has the following disadvantages.

AI is unsustainable
AI machines have a lot of processor leading to high computation power. The processors have computer chips that are made using rare material such as Selenium. Most of the batteries used in the machines run on lithium. These materials got from the crust of the earth, which increases the mining problems. AI machines consume enormous amounts of power, putting severe pressure on mining and power plants. This is increasing the act of mining hence damaging our environment.

A threat to humanity
The AI machines can do the task much better, repeatedly and for a large number of hours. This makes the business and organizations prefer machines over humans t increase their productivity, thus reducing jobs for the human workforce. Many scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk disagree with the advancement of the AI suggesting the machine would turn against humans if they go rogue.

In a nutshell, every coin has two sides. The progress in AI will make life easier for us in many aspects and applications. AI helps the Pronix company to come with software, and digital solutions help the business to cut down the cost of operations. Although it has many benefits, The AI poses a dangerous risk that needs a strong emphasize on the creation of the policies to ensure AI risks are mitigated.

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