Big Data in Supply Chain Management

22 January, 2020


Big Data will allow Supply Chain Management to enter a new era that of optimizing distribution and logistics.
Over the past few decades, many companies have shown inventiveness in order to optimize the management of the supply chain, which has a very direct impact on the overall cost of the product and therefore on the competitiveness of companies.

Upstream, Big Data tools will promote better understanding and therefore anticipation of customer requests. Pronix will be able to offer new services that best meet current expectations and trends.

There are companies of Amazon, Mac Donald's, and others who have already embarked on this adventure. What is there to gain?

There are three immediate fields of application for Big Data in SCM:

  • Visualization of delivery routes the data to be taken into account are very important such as the size of trucks, size of roads, loading docks, etc. In addition to this information, there are real-time data such as traffic, weather, etc. Big Data can provide relevant tools and thus allow companies to control transport costs or even reduce them. In a highly competitive sector where the price war is raging, these tools will be assets. In addition, it opens the possibility of reacting immediately to a request.
  • Anticipating demand: in a context where demand is more and more complex, changing and predicting what the needs will be in the short or medium-term becomes almost impossible. With Big Data, companies can analyze large amounts of data in record time to adapt to wants and needs. It means implementing the Agile method in the management of the logistics chain it makes it possible to limit stocks and therefore the related costs, to provide reliable delivery times and retain customers.
  • The distribution networks: while companies have multiplied warehouses, production centers, demand constantly raising, these distribution networks are finding it difficult to adapt to them. By interconnecting internal data, that of their suppliers, that of factories, etc., they can now take into account quantities of data never analyzed simultaneously in order to simplify distribution networks and thus limit SCM costs. They can also cope with upward and downward fluctuations in demand and adjust schedules in real-time.

By the PRONIX Big data and Analytic services by the above three fields are allowing SCM to transform the world in various sectors take into account SCM in Big data, provides an overview of the company's resources, customer requests, market trends, suppliers, competitors, etc. Pronix services precisely impacts on competitive intelligence, efficiency gains, cost control, but also a source of innovation through the creation of new trends in this Digital world.

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