How Chatbots is powered for Business even a small one

24 April, 2020


At the time of digital and digital transformation, artificial intelligence is one of the most important changes in our society. Like we already know it in the form of Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant Chatbots are now part of our daily lives. So we discover a multitude of different uses!

Did you know? 80% of businesses will use chatbots by 2021. Perhaps you have already thought about it yourself for your business? Are you wondering whether or not to be a part of it, or are you curious about what these terms mean? Stay with us, we will explain everything and give you 5 benefits to run a business effectively with chatbots.

“ Artificial Intelligence ” (AI)  these words are used together for the first time in 1956, by John McCarthy, mathematician and considered as the father of artificial intelligence.

During a major research project in Dartmouth dedicated to language, he evokes a “thinking machine”, capable of processing complex information. And today this made a huge revolution that Encyclopedia and Wikipedia designate several multitude definitions of AI.

AI is a machine capable of thinking and analyzing like a human being  and it reproduces the behavior and logic of human thinking and reasoning.

And we all what is chatbot mean but defining it seems very difficult it has several contexts to explain.

The chatbot is an application with which users potentially in an interactive or in a conversational manner, in the mode of natural language, whether text or voice. It is the application tool based on artificial intelligence which has, in a short time, gained the most popularity in the technology ecosystem.

It makes it possible to address an infinite number of use cases like welcoming visitors to websites, customer service, services and support for employees, product or service recommendation in e-commerce and in very diverse fields like banking sector, Insurance sectors, telecoms, transport, Retail Industry, Hotels and Health Industry.

Do you need the benefits? being chatbots in Business, Here Pronix can explain the Five benefits with chatbots to do Business effectively :

  • Deliver 24×7 automated customer support
  • Better lead generation and nurturing
  • Save customer service costs
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Cut down on human errors

And Pronix is here to help the development of the chatbot, has been leading the way by developing sophisticated AI that can both speak and respond like a human. With our AI-based chatbots, you have the ability to solve complex problems and interface with other IT systems. And now you may be-surely adopt chatbot for your business? Let's talk about it and write a mail for demo

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