How Design Thinking Accelerates Digital Transformation

31 March, 2021


If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

This classic quote succinctly summarizes what we are NOT about.

We are in the business of providing solutions. We are experts at what we do, but it is our mission to not rely on any particular mindset, method or tool.

How do we accomplish that? We use Design Thinking.

Why do we use Design Thinking? Because we are aware that as humans, we tend to fall into habitual patterns of thinking. Habits are essential for many situations encountered in life, but are not ideal when a new customer i.e. you, needs innovative solutions.

How does Design Thinking help us? Design Thinking offers a process that can be used to go into any new situation with a fresh pair of eyes, an open mind not limited by outdated assumptions. It helps us to better understand you, your particular situation, your problems - and to come up with innovative solutions that really solve those problems.

The Design Thinking Process

  • Empathize: We understand that while we are trying to develop technical solutions, those solutions are for people. So when we put on the “Empathize” hat, we try to understand what is important to you, why it is important, to know your stories, and to understand how you see the world.
  • Define: We want to solve the right problem, and putting on the “Define” hat allows us to bring clarity and focus to the stage. It allows us to create a well-crafted problem statement that captures the essence of the challenge. In other words, this stage of the process allows us to develop our Point of View about the problem or challenge that we will be addressing.
  • Ideate: once the right problem is defined, the “Ideate” hat helps us to generate a wide range of possible solutions. In this stage, we transition from problem definition to solution generation. One essential attitude in this stage is “delayed judgment.” We consciously choose to delay our collective judgement regarding any possible solution which has been generated during this process. Rather than rushing in to form judgements. this attitude gives us the necessary space and time to look at the solution from different angles, to look at possibilities
  • Prototype: Once the “Ideate” (brainstorming) stage leads to the generation of a number of possible solutions, it is time to build prototypes. Building (or action of any kind) further unleashes creativity, which comes to the fore once we start to move from planning to actually doing something with our hands. Building gets us going. So we build prototypes, which helps to further understand the solutions, which until now were only mental concepts. And we build keeping you in mind, because what we’re building has to work for you.
  • Test: In this stage, we get your feedback about the prototypes we have built, which enables us to understand our solutions, and also enables us to understand you better. To get the highest quality feedback, we try to test in real situations. Based on the feedback, we improve our solutions, and we test again. This is an iterative process that allows us to develop functional, innovative solutions based on real-world feedback.

The purpose of Design Thinking is to unleash creativity. Therefore, it’s not important to wear one hat at a time or to follow any particular sequence in “wearing” these thinking hats. Our goal throughout this process is to develop a better understanding of you and the ideal solution for you.

What is digital transformation

In the simplest of terms, digital transformation involves the use of digital technologies for the replacement of manual processes or the replacement of legacy technologies with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

How design thinking accelerates digital transformation

The best technology in the world is useless if nobody wants to use it.

We believe in the power of digital transformation. We have seen it work miracles in organizations large and small.

But that’s not enough for you, is it?

Technology, like any other tool, will only work if the user – you – are convinced that it is going to help you get to where you want to go.

And that is exactly why we use Design Thinking. We are focused on you from the very beginning. We work to understand you, your needs, your motivations from the very beginning. And the understanding that we develop forms the basis for the work that goes on in the definition, ideation, prototyping, and test stages.

The most important thing that we get in the test stage is your feedback. We see what works and what doesn’t. And we also work to understand why something works and why something doesn’t. During this process, our understanding of you is continuously improving. And we use it to build better prototypes and do better testing.

The end result of this effort is that the solutions we develop are personalized and tailored to the way you do business.  

It’s not a stock solution which WE believe is the best thing – (and now we’re now trying to sell  it to you).

Instead, it’s a solution that has been built from the ground up to resolve your pain points.


Let Pronix help

Pronix offers a wide range of IT based services, including digital transformation, consulting, infrastructure management, and product engineering. Our experts have over 10 years of experience in implementing SAP and Microsoft solutions. We also offer solutions based on cloud offerings from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Our expertise gives us confidence. It does not blind us to the fact that every customer needs a tailored solution. For that, we use Design Thinking to keep the focus where it belongs - On You.

Contact us to start a discussion that could be the first step towards the digital transformation which could take your business to new heights.

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