How Katalon Studio Can Make Your Automation Testing Successful

24 August, 2021


Automated software testing is a continuously growing sphere that brings endless opportunities for organizations. In fact, the Automation Testing Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of above 15% between 2020 and 2026. 

What does this mean for businesses?

Organizations that embrace automated software testing are able to drive and deliver faster, without sacrificing the quality and relevance of their software products. 

But how can your organization fully achieve a strong market position?

Among other factors, companies can achieve quality and rapidity for their software delivery by investing in the right test automation tools.

Katalon Studio is a leading automated testing software. It's an open-source Selenium and Appium -based automation tool. 

Katalon Studio Reviews and Statistics 

You only need to look at Katalon’s reviews and statistics, and you have the facts staring straight in your face:

  • Katalon Studio has an overall rating of 4.5/ 5 as listed by Gartner. Specifically, it shines in product capabilities with a 4.4 rating out of 5. Going by deployment region, Katalon’s rising footprint encompasses Asia-Pacific (58%), North America (20%), Europe, Middle East and Africa (19%), and Latin America (3%).
  • Capterra ranks Katalon studio as a top automated testing software tool with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.
  • Katalon Studio is listed as one of the best UI test automation tools by the Microsoft Testing Team
  • Such and more notable recognition confirms why Katalon Studio leads the industry as one of the most powerful automation testing tools for QA and software testers. 

Now, the question remains: how can your organization effectively harness Katalon Studio’s automation testing capabilities to test your software successfully.

In this article, you’ll learn how Katalon studio can make your automation testing successful. 

Cross-platform Testing and Code Reuse Support 

While the reason your organization is investing in automation tools is to automate most of your testing procedures, you want a tool with all-in-one capabilities.

Katalon studio gives you just that. It supports cross-platform and cross-browser testing to help you develop quality software products that provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices and platforms. 

From Web, API, mobile, and desktop test automation to deployment on Windows, macOS, and Linux, Katalon studio supports all platforms, custom environments, and OSs, regardless of application complexity.

Katalon also solves software scalability snags associated with business and technical challenges by facilitating the reuse of high-quality code. 

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Increased Automation Efficiency

Courtesy of its Smart Runtime Engine, Katalon Studio increases the efficiency and speed of SDLC, which is good for your business.

Katalon facilitates and sets in motion efficiency practices that make your organization decrease infrastructural dependencies. As a result, you get better-quality tests, maximized test coverage, and save on maintenance costs. 

  • Auto-healing: AI-powered XPath options to locate objects, auto-heal throughout the runtime, and adapt to UAT changes.
  • Auto-waiting : To help resolve timing issues in Selenium —an essential feature for codeless and scripting automation approaches.
  • Test scheduling and batch operations: Multiple methods build proper execution processes and maximize resource utilization.

Enhanced Productivity 

We know how disastrous it can get if your developers and entire dev team find it hard to get around the functionalities of testing software. We're talking about reduced productivity due to frustration and mediocre software products at launch.

Katalon excels in simplicity, both in installation and usage, to rid your organization of such roadblocks. Its many integrated packages also make it very easy to set up projects. 

What's more, the entire IDE can be used by novices, non-technical users, and advanced users to write advanced scripts. 

To quote Katalon, "It's easy to use and robust to expand."

Its user-friendly GUI offers rich graphics with built-in and ready-made project templates, test case libraries, keywords, object repositories, tree views, tables, and menus for smooth test artifact management. 

Katalon's website also provides several training videos and documentation for users. Moreover, Katalon's has comprehensive GitHub repositories and a strong growing Katalon community ready to help at any given moment.

All these set the stage for improved productivity and motivation. And when your team is driven, quality products at reliable velocity will be your organization's mantra.

Simple and Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting 

Some test automation tools don't necessarily make it simple for users to work with and understand their systems. Not Katalon Studio. 

Katalon features a convenient interface with an inbuilt, data-driven testing module that facilitates test analyzing based on recorded scenarios. Better yet, Katalon also displays the generated analytic results as built-in reports that are exportable in various formats, i.e., PDF, HTML, Excel, or CSV.

You get more reporting options with the paid versions, including test suite collection reports, report history, etc.

The intuitive analytics dashboard presents the reports in a visually compelling and easy to work with manner, as illustrated below.

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Flexible and Multiple Testing Support

To add to the many Katalon capabilities, it helps your organizations create value and spur innovation by supporting several types of testing:

  • Keywords-driven — Robust built-in and custom keywords for teams not skilled in scripting. It also incorporates a wide array of built-in automation keywords for fast scripting and a custom keywords extension.
  • Data-driven —Features reading test scripts from various data sources, including data pools like ADO objects, Excel files, CSV files, ODBC sources, etc.
  • API testing —Dynamic data-driven testing with support for multiple data sources (XLS, CSV) and databases with dynamic mapping to heighten test coverage. Additionally, Katalon provides complete BDD (behavior-driven development) solutions with Native Gherkin editor. Cucumber-compliance and seamless integration with Jira for BDD users.
  • Accurate object spying —Accelerate your scripting processes by efficiently locating, detecting, and storing test objects.
  • Powerful recording utility — Smooth tests generation featuring Automatic storage of all UI elements to maximize reusability.
  • Dual-editor interface — Easily build advanced scripts with IDE or customize steps with our tabular interface.
  • Code-assist utilities —Built-in object spying, object refactoring, code completion, and in-context reference to simplify scripting.
  • Advanced debugger — Rapid ad hoc inspection and variable code alteration or other runtime environment aspects.
  • Test artifacts management —Effortlessly maintain test objects with refactoring capabilities while sharing test cases across projects.
  • Flexible test listener — Controlled test execution workflows for data manipulation, logic customization, information logging, and debugging.

Integration with CI/CD workflow and other SDLC Tools

A vital element of the SDLC process is CI/CD, which largely depends on automated testing. Regardless of your organizational culture, Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps, or more methodologies, Katalon saves you from the hassle of downloading additional extensions to run tests.

Katalon offers a wide range of valuable integrations and supports native plugins for the most popular CI tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, TeamCity, Travis CI, and more.

It also allows you to scale executions with integration support for Kobiton, Perfecto, SauceLabs, LambdaTest, Selenium Grid, and BrowserStack. Katalon Studio also integrates with collaboration platforms like Git, Microsoft Teams, TestRail, and TestLink to scale your SDLC.

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Get Started with Katalon Studio and Start Your Automation Journey 

Companies doing well in software development know one thing: Testing is crucial to ensuring the success and longevity of their software products. 

And with proper testing strategies investing in top tools like Katalon Studio, they lay the foundation to deliver relevant products continuously.

Find out How Pronix Can Help Your Business. 

If the adoption of Katalon Studio in your business still seems complex, get in touch and talk to our experts today.

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