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07 October, 2021

UI/UX Design

Companies that build hardware, software, and apps for their customers to buy and use rely on UI and UX designers like Pronic UI/UX Design Agency in Detroit to come up with the functionality, feature set, look, and feel of those products.

Without UI and UX designers, the physical and technological products that we as consumers use every day would be complex, awkward to use, and not at all user-friendly.


What Does “UI” Stand for?

UI is short for User Interface. This relates to the visual representation in the physical or virtual world of the product and how the user interacts with the product. For a microwave manufacturer, the User Interface would be the buttons and LCD display.

For an app developer, the User Interface would be everything on the app that is visual in nature – text, links, icons, pictures, etc.


What Does “UX” Stand for?


UX is short for User Experience. The User Experience is much more than the User Interface. User Experience includes everything that a user “experiences” when using the product. This includes coming up with the functions and features that the user – the consumer – wants in the product.

A Pronix UX designer takes into account the desires of the end-user as well as their expectations of the product when designing their overall experience in using the product.


What Makes a Leading UI/UX Consulting Agency?


Today, companies are moving rapidly toward outsourcing their UI/UX design work to a Pronix Design team that do these kinds of projects all the time. Hiring an external outsourcing design team to handle their UI/UX work allows the company to focus its internal resources on all the other aspects of a product launch – like marketing, forecasting, budgeting, and sales.

The best UI/UX Design agencies in Detroit all have a few things in common.

  1. Experience and Expertise

Although this should be a given, it is often not. Any UI/UX consulting team that a company considers should be able to demonstrate a track record of successful design projects to their credit.

  1. Creative and Innovative Thinking

If a company doesn’t want their new product – physical or technological – to have the same user experience and feel of the products that are already on the market, that company needs a UI/UX consulting firm like Pronix that can come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. It’s this stage of the game that will set the new product apart from others on the market.

  1. Diligent Research

Research is key to the UI/UX process. Knowing what the consumer likes, wants, and expects from a product that you are designing goes a long way toward giving them a product that they will want to buy and enjoy using.

  1. Timeline Aware

No company wants to hire a UI/UX team that is oblivious to the given timeline and doesn’t get the design project done by the set deadline. Because the bulk of the UI/UX work is done in the early stages of product development, a lag in time at this point can derail an entire project.


What Does a User Experience Designer Do?


When looking for a professional UI/UX design agency in Detroit or elsewhere in the USA, it’s important for you to understand the two design aspects and what the professionals involved are doing for you.

Our UX designers at Pronix Design Services is responsible for the bigger vision, the whole user experience. This begins with research to understand the needs, behavior, motivations, etc., of the product’s end-user. Knowing what the end-user wants – and what they want to get from – their interaction with the product helps the UX designer to:

  • Choose how the product will function
  • Choose what features the product will have
  • Choose the interactivity between features
  • and much more

For the UX designer, it’s all about understanding the end-user and giving them the value they are looking for from their interaction with the product.

The UX designer for web or app development considers things like how they want the user to feel when interacting with the product, where they will use the product, and what happens when the user presses this button or twists that dial.

The UX designer is kind of like the team that designs the feel and flow of an amusement park. They know what the person coming to the park wants out of their experience, and they design the park to give them that experience.

The UX team undertakes tasks such as:

  • Customer research
  • Brainstorming
  • Concepting
  • Workshopping


What Does a User Interface Designer Do?


Again, part of choosing the most affordable UI/UX design company in Detroit for your project requires that you have a working knowledge of what a UI designer will do for you.

If the UX designer is like the architect of a theme park that lays out the feel and flow of the park itself, the UI designer is like the engineer that chooses the colors, signs, and graphics that make the park vibrant and alive. Any place in the park that a visitor interacts with gets touched by the UI designer.

The UI designers at Pronix UI / UX Design focus only on the visual representation of the vision prepared by the UX designer. The UX designer describes what will happen. The UI designer makes the features, functions, and tools envisioned by the UX team for the product look appealing to the end-user.

For the UI designer, the focus is all on the aesthetic experience.

  • Boldness
  • Branding
  • Colors
  • Feel
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Look
  • Number of items
  • Spacing
  • Style
  • Typography

The UI designer considers things like:

  • How much info should be on this page of the app?
  • Where to put things (that the product needs to function correctly) so they will be visually appealing?
  • How can colors, shapes, layout, style, etc., make it easier for the consumer to use this product?
  • How to visually represent to the user what will happen when the push button ABC or turn know XYZ?


Where Do the Jobs of the UI and UX Team Overlap?


When working with the Pronix UI/UX design outsourcing agency in Detroit Michigan, it is sometimes hard for the outsider to understand where the UI team ends and the UX team begins. In truth, their roles do have some overlap. This overlap most often occurs in areas of conceptual and visual.

Both the UI and UX parts of your outsourced UI/UX team will need to have input in the conceptual phase of the product as well as input in what the product will look like when it’s finished.


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