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07 December, 2021

Microsoft Technology

Pronix are your Microsoft Technology Solutions Experts in Chicago for Better Business Operations.

According to Gartner, 85% of enterprises will have a cloud-first principle by 2025. To stay relevant and competitive, modern businesses embrace technology now more than ever.  

But with so many platforms out there, making the right choice can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

Fortunately, Pronix provides Microsoft Technology solutions and specialize in helping business in Chicago build and manage their business operations while ensuring seamless integration into your current infrastructure.

Microsoft products and solutions have been proven time and again to improve business operations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. These future-ready solutions help enterprises connect with clients, showcase their brand, streamline supply chains,  and automate critical processes.

In this guide, we explore six of the most popular Microsoft technology offerings, showing you how each can help your company thrive in today's competitive market environment. 

Let’s dive in!


Office 365

If your organization is looking for an easy way to improve your business operations, look no further than Office 365. 

Thanks to its cloud-based structure, your business can get started without spending too much time or money on infrastructure. This is especially true if you already use other Microsoft technologies because Office 365 offers instant compatibility. Office 365 also provides instant upgrades, so you don't have to worry about growing pains. 

Most importantly, Office 365 helps companies get more out of their existing employee base by allowing telecommuting and boosting productivity through streamlining tools like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Skype for Business that enhance collaboration across geographical distances.

Skype for Business enables companies to host meetings and present their messages directly, making it a simple and affordable solution. SharePoint is a viable business solution for collaboration projects across time zones and building up an intranet.

Overall, solutions like Office 365 are great ways for businesses of all sizes to expand their business operations quickly while minimizing risk.


Dynamics 365 (including CRM and ERP solutions under the Dynamics 365 umbrella)

Dynamics 365, formerly known as Dynamics CRM, is a customer relationship management platform that helps you manage all of your company’s critical functions—including sales, marketing, service, and finance.

Organizations leverage Dynamics 365 for lead tracking and field marketing automation, targeted email campaigns, scheduling, time tracking, and many more. You can set up automatic notifications to keep everyone in your business informed about what's going on within your organization at any given time.

Dynamics 365 allows integration with other applications to streamline organizational workflow:

OneNote, Power BI, and Twitter are just a few examples. 

And did we mention that Dynamics 365 comes with full mobile support? It's easy to track leads regardless of where your teams may be located throughout your organizational infrastructure.

Flexibility is imperative when running a business, and Dynamics 365 gives you plenty of ways to organize your information (both physical and digital). 

Hence, it’ll work best for your business model—even if that model changes over time.


Microsoft Exchange

Corporate email is a cornerstone of business. It connects employees, helps them collaborate, and keeps them informed on current projects. 

With Microsoft Exchange Server, you get a high-performance messaging platform that supports secure email while also offering several collaboration tools.

Exchange's rich feature set also helps improve your company's processes and enhances team productivity. For example, using message routing rules, you can set up rules so that messages or attachments are routed to other users or departments based on criteria such as content, keywords, recipients, attachment type, etc. 

In addition, Exchange offers some great security features such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and S/MIME encryption that use digital certificates from trusted certificate authorities.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Chicago

Azure Cloud computing provides a better way for companies to run their operations on the cloud and save money on their IT infrastructure costs.

By bringing cloud solutions together in one package, businesses are afforded myriad opportunities to run their operations. These include better customer engagement through social media marketing, improved productivity through online work collaboration, and advanced security for protecting company data. 

For example, by using Azure in concert with Office 365, employees can access any Office application on any device. This allows workers to be productive anywhere—as long as they have an Internet connection—allowing them greater flexibility in operating their business.

Besides, agile organizations can leverage Azure DevOps and Azure AI for developing and deploying software and making sense of their data.


Azure Data Lake Solutions Case Study

Project Name: Data Lake Solution

Client: Major Healthcare Provider

Project Commencement Date: Oct 2018

Project URL:



Active Directory Security Services

With the increased sophistication of cybercrime, in addition to insider threats and industrial espionage, businesses cannot afford laxity in matters of security. Organizations in Chicago must take serious steps to improve the protection of their tech infrastructure.

So, how do you make sure your team follows security best practices? How can you keep track of the level of access users have while ensuring that users don't go beyond their security clearance? How can you ensure that passwords are changed regularly or that inactive accounts are deleted periodically? 

Pronix Active Directory Security Services in Chicago provides all of these features, plus more.

These services help your company maintain an optimized environment for crucial business processes. The result is better control over identity management. This means less risk for your company, increased productivity, and better IT management overall. 

With Microsoft Active Directory Security Services, you have security at your fingertips. Not only can you secure your environment quickly, but also add on additional modules for even more functionality in one place.


Microsoft Power BI–Business data analytics

Using information in real-time is an integral part of business operations. Power BI allows users to easily create analytics dashboards that can provide a high-level overview of company operations.

No matter what type of business you run, you can find ways to use BI for improved decision-making, forecasting, performance management, and compliance. Power BI provides insight into your business by collecting data in real-time, crunching it through software, and delivering results.

Using Power BI, companies can create charts and graphs based on custom metrics they choose from their systems. 

For example, a retail business could keep track of weekly revenue and compare that to employee headcount or store hours using simple visuals like bar graphs and pie charts. These customized reports make it easy to see trends in data over time. 

In many cases, business leaders will be able to spot shifts in performance before these issues manifest, enabling them to make changes sooner rather than later when they're needed most.


Optimize your business operations and do more with less work

Pronix Microsoft Cloud Solutions in Chicago provides Microsoft technology-managed services to help organizations unlock maximum value across their operations and accelerate their digital transformation strategies with world-class technical expertise.

Speak to our experts today and see how we can help you leverage industry-leading Microsoft technologies.


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