Modernize with Cloud and New Computing Architectures

30 September, 2022


Do you have any existing software applications and architectures that keep you from meeting your business goals? Yes? It may be time for you to modernize your computing architectures by partnering with with Pronix Business Cloud Solutions.

Today’s business world is increasingly digital. Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the most preferred way of accessing software tools, documents, and other files over the internet. The truth is that the decision to modernize with the cloud is a business decision and not just a technical one.

According to the 2021 State of Cloud Adoption report, over 50% of the software applications being developed for enterprises are cloud-based. That means your systems infrastructure and applications can make or break your ability to adapt, scale, and remain competitive. 

In this article, we take you through the essentials you need to know about replacing outdated core applications with modern alternatives.



What is Business Modernization with the Cloud?  

Modernization involves modifying or extending your infrastructure and applications to optimize and scale for cloud architectures to improve business agility and flexibility. Cloud-based modernization for businesses is a component of digital transformation and requires detailed planning and collaboration. 

That said, modernizing with the cloud is a continuous process that includes effective change management in an organization spanning people, processes, and technologies. 

Every aspect of modernization should be in sync for your organization to achieve the meaningful digital transformation that drives business growth.  As a business exec, it’s also essential to know that each cloud journey is unique. Meaning—although there are best practices, organizations should learn, strategize and adapt on the go. 

For a start, business leaders need to assess their environments to design a concrete migration and modernization plan.


Approaches to Modernize with the Cloud 

Several techniques to modernize with the cloud and new computing architectures exist, including the following: 

  • Retire – All the applications no one in your business is using.
  • Re-host – Your applications to a cloud architecture with no modifications quickly and easily. 
  • Replace – Your existing legacy applications with a new cloud-based system. Familiar for business leaders adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) or public clouds, including CRM and ERP solutions 
  • Rebuild – Your legacy code and architect it on the cloud infrastructure (PaaS), making your applications cloud-native 
  • Re-platform – Applications that need to execute on a different operating system in the cloud space 
  • Refactor – Applications that require significant code reworking to fit the cloud  
  • Reimagine – Business processes and workflows in the cloud by redefining and augmenting your core value propositions. 


Benefits of Replacing Outdated Applications through Modernization  

Modernizing your applications for the cloud offers numerous benefits such as the following: 

  • Realize growth opportunities, reduce costs, exceed customer expectations, and make the most of your existing investments 
  • Ability to create or maintain a competitive advantage by moving you ahead of competitors who are yet to move to the cloud 
  • Your business will experience more reliable infrastructure and containerized applications that provide much better performance and reduce risks. 
  • You meet UX design and performance standards that make employees happy and customers more satisfied. 
  • Modernization helps set up an agile and innovative platform that gets your business ready to scale in the future. 
  • Enables high-end security monitoring for your overall business infrastructure 
  • Facilitates a platform that enables faster integration with other business applications you need for business processes 


Crucial Factors for Successful Cloud Modernization

Here are several factors to consider that our team of experts highly recommend:

  • Focus on the value modernization will bring you, not just the cost. Modernization with the cloud is a long-term process grounded on a solid and thorough assessment that’s based on your current business status and projecting where you want to go/be. 
  • Don’t try to solve many challenges at once. A cloud modernization initiative can be overwhelming. Consider breaking your strategy steps down into segments.
  • Align your business behind the modernization program. One of the most significant risks in any cloud adoption journey is aligning the IT team with the rest of the staff. 
  • Strategize an operating model. A modernization initiative should consider how your organization plans to implement and manage deployed cloud applications. 
  • Be thoughtful about your application priorities. Decide which applications you need to modernize first, be value-led. 
  • Be smart about your data priorities. Modernize applications connected to databases together  
  • Plan for testing. Your modernization initiative needs testing to cross-check whether everything is working as expected. 
  • Carefully make consideration for third-party tools. With several solutions for automating your modernization strategy available, go for the one that serves your needs and requirements.  


Dealing with the Challenges in Modernization to Cloud 

Many companies in the United States are on a journey to transform business aspects to operate successfully in an increasingly digital world. Most business leaders find themselves faced with the obstacles of complicated apps, integrations, data architectures, and skills transformation when modernizing. 

As such, challenges with modernization come down to complexity and cost. Complexity in terms of having to deal with heavily coupled existing legacy systems and infrastructures. Moving applications to the cloud also comes at a price—it’s essential to have and plan your strategy in a way that will drive ROI.

Sadly, many businesses are struggling with embracing cloud technology because of its complexity and dealing with unforeseen challenges. 

One of the best approaches for any business getting started on a modernization journey is to have a cloud adoption partner.  The Pronix team has deep experience in designing and delivering cloud strategies and adoption. We deliver modern cloud solutions and innovations for businesses and help guide and support your company through a successful digital transformation journey. 


It’s a Modern World, Modernize Your Business, So You’re Not Left Behind 

Modernization is the key to achieving digital transformation for organizational efficiency, agility, and growth. Start small on your journey to modernization. You don’t have to move all your applications to the cloud at once. Follow your strategy step by step and then adjust on the go where need be.

In the long run, if you want your business to reap the full benefits and value of the cloud, it’s essential to work towards native cloud applications and infrastructure. You get there by carefully considering and planning a workable modernization strategy. 


Learn more about how modernization and leveraging the cloud can help move your business forward! Contact Pronix Cloud Solutions to book a free consultation.

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