Partnering with Offshore IT Staffing Consulting Agencies Philadelphia

06 April, 2022

IT Staffing Consulting

Partnering with Offshore IT Staffing and Consulting Agencies in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the United States is a no brainer!

Understanding what offshore outsourcing entails is the first step in exploiting the benefits of offshore IT talent recruiting services and agencies.

Offshore IT outsourcing is a partnership with a third-party company Like Pronix Inc that assists your company in completing IT projects and procedures. Organizations like yours can connect with skilled IT professionals who can give high-quality services while saving you time and money.

When in-house IT resources are tight – or non-existent – you can turn to an outsourced IT provider to help you manage your technology and implement go-forward IT projects.


The Advantages of Working with Outsourced Agencies



Businesses large and small benefit from offshore staffing and recruiting services in a variety of ways, including:

  • Better Control: You can focus on managing your in-house staff and resources when you hire an offshore hiring agency. Your overseas staff will be managed by the hiring agency, allowing you to focus on overseeing their performance.
  • Availability of Resources: Many offshore countries offer a large number of bright and competent people in a range of IT specialties, which is advantageous to both your business and your in-house IT team. You get the people you need to handle your IT tasks, and your in-house IT team gets the help they need to move the ball forward.
  • Budget-Friendly: Offshoring offers the promise of cost effectiveness. Your business, like many others, strives to keep operational expenses as low as possible while still achieving your objectives. You can contact experienced personnel in other nations who will charge less for the same task that their developed-country counterparts will charge.
  • Flexibility: An organization's offshore team is an expanded version of its in-house team, and they work for the company even though they are not employees. Using offshore staff at peak periods provides you with a proactive approach to the up and down scalability you require.


Offshore Teams – A smooth and effective way to work


Be Clear About Your Goals

Delegating a project to an offshore group without telling them of the project's purpose might get you in hot water. It's very likely that the ultimate outcome will fall short of your expectations.

Offshore developers should be given a thorough understanding of the task at hand before beginning work on a project. If you need software or application development, tell them why you want the product, what functions it should do, and when you want it built and delivered. This empowers them to think and operate in a more creative and efficient manner, allowing them to provide the finest service possible.


Use Simple Language and Staying in Touch

You may quickly and regularly communicate with your in-house staff by establishing face-to-face chats whenever necessary. You should communicate with offshore personnel more frequently so that everything is obvious and there is no misunderstanding despite the large distance between your in-house and offshore staff.


Treat Your Offshore Team as You Would a Local Partner

Treat the overseas personnel of the outsourced IT firm as though they were a trusted business partner. It's normal for an overseas employee to go above and beyond for you if you treat them fairly. They will gladly work with you and may even switch shifts with your in-house techs when needed to accommodate their schedule.


What Is Custom Software/App Development, and How Does It Work?


The days of having to work with talented local IT professionals are long gone. Cloud computing and high-speed Internet access have opened up a whole new universe of possibilities. With an IT staffing provider in Philadelphia like Pronix, hiring a developer from abroad is actually simpler than hiring one in your hometown. From software development consultancy to Python programming, the IT specialists your company needs are available.

The recent pandemic proved the concept and efficiency of offshore IT outsourcing. No longer do both workers and supervisors need to be in the same room. Managers and staff have changed from physical locations to a virtual presence where distance is no longer a problem.



Benefits of Using Pronix Offshore Software Development Services ?


A communication gap is viewed as a potential roadblock to offshore software development. With current communication platforms like Skype and Microsoft Teams, this becomes less of a concern.

Furthermore, because the majority of offshore coders know English, the problem is moot. The truth is that miscommunication sometimes happens whether your team is local or virtual. By keeping clear lines of communication, you can hire, retain, and manage offshore IT staff.


In-house VS. Offshore IT Staffing – A Comparison


There are so many pros and cons of hiring your IT staff offshore as compared with hiring new employees to fill these IT positions. Here are a few pros and cons below we will discuss:



  • Business Priority

Your firm gets priority since the offshore team works exclusively for your company. Based on your hires (which are scanned and tested by you before the task is allocated) all of your jobs are prioritized and are attended to by technicians of the highest quality. Flexibility is built into the system and tasks can be given and changed on the fly if necessary. Your IT team also works with their offshore coworkers to ensure that they get the best assistance available when challenges arise.

  • Cultural Partnership

Because your offshore IT employees are employees of your firm, they learn and share the company's culture. Developers that work for your organization will quickly recognize and share your values. This benefits the working relationship between local and offshore resources.

  • Security

When interacting with outsourced soltions, the security of information is a top priority for all enterprises. With in-house IT staff, you’re relatively confident that an employee isn’t going to leak data. Why? Because you have greater influence over your workers' activities than IT professionals who are thousands of miles away.

However, by working with a trusted IT staffing and consulting company you can minimize your risk exposure and enjoy the benefits of offshore IT outsourcing.



  • Costs Are Very High

Business leaders are opting out of hiring in-house due to the high expense of having an in-house development staff. Experts in the IT industry might cost up to ten times as much as an offshore team. Among other consideration, you must include in the cost of office premises, taxes, software, technology, and perks. In addition, your organization must provide training to each employee and ensure that the employee fits into the company's culture and feels at ease. In contrast, an IT staffing firms does this for you.

  • Challenges with Retention and Turnover

HR's main priorities are lowering turnover and increasing retention. Because many software professionals like experimenting and trying new things, the turnover rate is often higher than in other sectors. When a talented software specialist is sought after by many firms, this doesn't help. Rehiring, retraining, poorer efficiency, and, in some situations, project delays all take longer and cost more money.



  • Efficiency in Costs

Your company can save money by employing specialists from a country where labor costs are low. This isn't to say that you're underpaying your workers. Some folks are perplexed by the offshore process. Their labor costs are substantially cheaper because they are in a foreign nation. You are paying them a proper income, or possibly a higher salary than they are used to. This has no bearing on their standard of living. Other expenses incurred by the company, such as rent, training, rehiring, and benefits, should be considered in the calculations as well.       

  • Scalability

Are you seeking a group of IT professionals to collaborate on a single project, and you don’t want to have to worry about the staff once the project is done? What if the team size has to be expanded in the middle of a project? Using an offshore software developer eliminates any obstacles, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: your company's strategy and objectives.



  • Security Concerns

Because the offshore personnel may not be as concerned about security concerns as you are, you may not feel protected. Yes, they may lose their reputation as well as a significant sum of money, but the impact on your company would be considerably larger. Before beginning any project, you must have a high degree of trust between your firm and the vendor, as well as an SLA and non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • Communication Disparity

You're certainly in different time zones, and you may have regular meetings, but are they enough? Communication is a valid concern when it comes to outsourcing. Even working in the same office may sometimes lead to misunderstandings. So, imagine trying to collaborate with someone on the other side of the world.






In this article, we’ve explored the pros and cons of partnering with offshore IT staffing agencies like Pronix Inc. While there are some recognized challenges with working with an offshore IT team, these are easily overcome and outweighed by the benefits.

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Do You Have the Right IT Strategies and The IT Specialists on your team?



Two things can drain your bank account and bring your internal workflow to a slow and bumpy halt – the wrong strategy and the wrong people.


That is why the Pronix IT Staffing specialists in Philadelphia draw from our extensive database of skilled, proactively screened talented candidates to successfully place IT professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, permanent IT positions for your enterprise or business.


Pronix IT Consulting and Staffing Services in Philadelphia leaves you free to drive sales and provide a high level of service to your customers by outsourcing the recruiting and staffing of your vacant IT positions.


Partnering with Pronix IT Staffing and Consulting Services is an efficient way to get highly qualified, specialized personnel. Within this model can be significant savings for you! The IT professionals that we source for our clients are vetted and must prove their worth to us, long before we propose that they work with your organization. This process ensures that you get productive, experienced IT specialists in Philadelphia that will provide value to you.


White Papers


Test Management / Application Development

Project Name: Test Management

Client: Major Educational Services client

Project Commencement Date: Oct 2015

Project Completion Date: Present


Business Problem:

IBIS (Item Banking Information System) interfaces with multiple applications, when those applications undergo changes/enhancements, IBIS application needs to be updated. Along with that, there are customer-specific test formats to be uploaded into IBIS conforming to business standards, thereby needing transformation work to ensure continuity of the existing work while the new formats are being loaded into IBIS.



Business Solution:

Break fixes in the production environment. Existing functionality within the IBIS application needs to be upgraded to incorporate the changes posed by the application integrating with other business applications. Due to the above change, existing interface agreements with those applications have to be modified to accommodate new and revised data fields.


As new customer formats are being added to IBIS as part of new business migrations, those have to be loaded as per business standards and at the same time, the existing format processing shouldn’t get impacted. There are utilities that perform the core IBIS functionality, those will be modified and re-used to assist with onboarding of the new customer format.

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Case Study


Outage Management / DevOps


Project Name: Outage Management

Client: Major Utilities Client

Project Commencement Date: June 2016

Project Completion Date: Present


Business Problem: Robust Outage Management system needed to improve outage restoration and meet increasing customer expectations. Integrate NMS (Oracle Utilities Network Management System) which helps utilities safeguard workers and the public; improve restoration time, efficiency, and uncertainties of energy distribution operations to OMS.

Business Solution: Robust OMS (Outage Management System) system needed to improve outage restoration and meet increasing customer expectations. The Outage Dashboard is used by various departments throughout Orange & Rockland to view information about customers who have no power, the number of customers restored, and the estimated time of restoration (ETR). Additionally, the Outage Dashboard displays information of customers with medical emergencies and other priority customers. Various OMS (Outage Management System) users will be transitioned to use the Outage Dashboard in lieu of the OMS application. The purpose of this transition is to reduce the number of users currently using OMS.  The goal of this project is to implement OMS functionality into the Dashboard that is needed by certain users in Orange & Rockland to complete their daily tasks, without having to access the Outage Management System.



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