Pronix Digital IT Assessments and Strategies Explained New York

18 November, 2021

IT Assessments and Strategies

Companies in New York want to leverage technology for new initiatives and maintain their competitive edge. To accomplish this objective, those company leaders look to IT specialists like Pronix Inc to provide digital IT assessments and build out well-aligned IT strategies.

Some of the factors that push a company to request a digital IT assessment are:

  • A realization that legacy IT assets may be hindering efficient workflow.
  • A desire to expand services or scale the business.
  • A fear that current IT security protocols aren’t sufficient.
  • An objective to harness the pro-business benefits housed in newer technologies.

No matter what the underlying motivation for wanting a digital IT assessment, the company has to find a trusted IT solutions partner in New York to do the work. Here are a few things that a company leader should be looking for as they search for the right team of IT professionals.

  • Good References
  • Industry Certifications
  • Experience in Supporting Your Industry
  • An entire team of IT professionals
  • A wide range of IT specializations
  • A pricing and services structure that puts the client first


What Is a Digital IT Assessment?


A digital IT assessment is essentially a deep-dive survey of your workflow processes, the IT assets that support those processes, and the security posture/business continuity implications of each.

Digital IT assessments are conducted by IT technicians at Pronix Inc using specialized software that searches through the IT environment of the client business, documenting everything within that environment.

Once the technical side of the digital IT assessment has been conducted, the human side of the assessment begins. Using what has been learned about the technical side of the IT environment, the team then focuses on how well or poorly people use and interact with the technology. The objective is to determine whether the technologies are being fully utilized or whether the technologies are insufficient for the work and/or workload.


What Does an IT Assessment Do for a Business?


  • Deliver a holistic reporting of the IT environment
  • Analyze existing capabilities
  • Identify weaknesses and strengths of the IT system
  • Provide data for decision making
  • Ensure that people have the tech that helps them be most efficient
  • Determine how processes can be improved with better tech


The Sub-Categories of IT Assessments


Digital IT assessments and strategies are not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. Every company’s IT infrastructure, operational functionality, and desired outcome is different. Because of the wide range of expectations from a digital IT assessment, the IT companies that provide these assessments break the assessments down into sub-categories. Here are the most common digital IT assessment types.

  • Criterion-referenced assessments
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Formative assessments
  • Ipsative assessments
  • Norm-referenced assessments
  • Summative assessments

While the names of the assessment sub-categories may seem a bit daunting to those who aren’t into tech every day, the object is simple – survey the required IT systems to be able to provide a snapshot of the IT processes and assets at play.


What is a Digital IT Strategy?


In simple terms, a digital IT strategy is a roadmap showing a company how to use technology to its greatest benefit.

Digital IT strategy often is referred to by a more common name – Digital Transformation. Of course, the strategy leads to the business process transformation, but many companies use the term “digital transformation” to refer to the entire process.



What is the Digital IT Strategy Process?

Once a company has hired an IT specialist in New York (or used an internal IT resource) to conduct a digital IT assessment, they then embark on the strategy side of the process. Here’s how that process usually unfolds.

  • C-suite Meetings – These meetings are intentionally high level. In these sessions, the Pronix IT specialists in New York that has conducted the digital IT assessment presents the 30,000-foot view findings of the assessment. This meeting gives the client company leadership the broad strokes of the current status of their IT environment in relation to their company objectives.
  • IT Goals Defined – Coming out of the meeting with the C-suite personnel, the IT specialist has a well-defined list of company objectives that must have the current and future supportive IT infrastructure, function, and capacity.
  • IT Goals Prioritized – Depending on the company objectives and timeline outlined by the C-suite meeting, IT initiatives and projects are prioritized for completion. It is this IT goal prioritization that ultimately results in the formation of an IT roadmap or strategy.


What Types of IT Initiatives do Companies Prioritize in Their IT Strategy?


Although there is a wide range of initiatives available to a growing company, it’s those initiatives that parallel their growth opportunities or long-term goals that get the most attention.

Here are some of the most common initiatives found in a digital IT strategy for businesses in New York.

  • The replacement of legacy software – Legacy software is often hosted in an on-site server and houses data that is mission-critical to the organization. The move of this data and functionality to a new application is often a big job requiring IT professionals with specialized skill sets. The idea of replacing legacy software is to avoid getting trapped in a situation where obsolete software no longer functions well with emerging, pro-growth IT assets.
  • The categorization, security, and visibility of data – Companies are creating data at an alarming rate. While data can be a fantastic asset for a business, it can also become the burden that slows down a company’s processes. In this instance, IT professionals work to alleviate the issues of siloed data, unstructured data, and unsecured data.
  • The move to the cloud – Migrating some or all a company’s IT assets and workflow into the cloud is often a high priority when it comes to digital IT strategy. This prioritization of cloud migration is a direct reflection of the business benefits currently found in using a cloud environment – stability, security, mobility, scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency.  Migrations of workflow and data to the cloud are complex and sensitive and must be conducted by IT professionals. Migrations are usually staged to protect the data within the migration process.
  • The provisioning of a work-from-anywhere productivity platform – By using IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service), IT professionals are able to give a company always-on, any-location access to their company’s internal processes. Because the workflow is accessed within the company’s cloud environment, it is as secure or more secure than using an on-site server - with many more advantages.


Pronix IT Technical Assessment Solutions New York


At Pronix IT Technical Assessment Solutions in New York we believe strategic use of technology requires a holistic understanding of the technology in play, as well as your business goals, needs, and resources. As a result, our business technology practice has developed a 360- degree assessment to provide you with a complete view of your business and technology needs.


Pronix IT Assessment Solutions in New York can help you with the following:

  • Analyze Existing Capabilities
  • Identify Focus Areas
  • Digital Assessment and Strategy
  • People
  • Process
  • Assess Technology Landscape
  • Enhance Technology Landscape
  • Define Technology Road Map
  • Set Business Objectives
  • Align IT Initiatives
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Analyze Competition
  • Expand Portfolio
  • Revisit Regulation and Compliance
  • Innovation


Align your business goals with a detailed actionable plan that makes your company more organized and profitable. Our IT assessment team at Pronix IT Solutions can help with any department issues such as cloud storage, API integration, data analytics, legacy modernization, digital engineering, IT infrastructure, healthcare IT / ISS systems, supply chain and B2B.


Partner with Pronix Digital IT Solutions in New York to completely assess your company and provide a complete IT comprehensive strategy before your next projects starts.


Call Pronix IT Assessments and Strategy Solutions in New York today to get started +1(732) 476-5277




A business that wants to harness the power of technology to stay competitive and to support organizational objectives will engage in digital IT assessments and digital IT strategic planning. If your business is looking for the next IT steps, talk with the Pronix team of IT professionals.

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