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29 March, 2022

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Pronix Inc Is Interested in Working for You With Any IT Staffing and Consulting Needs You May Have in Houston Texas, or Anywhere Else in the United States!

Securing and retaining skilled workers in IT-related fields has become a herculean task in today’s accelerated technology era. In fact, as of 2021, the global talent shortage stood at 40M skilled workers worldwide. By 2030, the global talent shortage is predicted to reach 85.2M workers.

As organizations scramble for IT professionals, the growing talent gap is an issue of great concern for CIOs, business leaders, and hiring managers all over the globe. Research firm Gartner reports that 64% of IT executives see talent shortage as the most significant barrier to adopting emerging technologies, compared with just 4% in 2020,

To overcome the IT talent shortage in Houston Texas and fill required roles, businesses need to employ new strategies that go beyond traditional job-searching methods. Below are some insights on the ongoing tech talent gap crisis and how your organization can weather this storm.


How the IT Talent Gap Is Hurting Companies


It’s hard to quantify just how bad today’s shortage of qualified IT talent is hurting organizations. Below are some of the ways that the IT talent gap hurts companies:

  • Revenue Loss

Companies worldwide risk losing $8.4T in revenue because of the lack of skilled talent. In other words, not hiring, retaining, and replacing high-value IT talent is costing corporations large sums of money. 

  • Productivity Loss

Inadequate IT staffing can significantly impact productivity. It takes time to find, hire, and train new employees who are up to speed on all your company’s current work practices and software systems. Additionally, when organizations lack IT talent, they may fall behind on critical projects or risk losing customers due to underperformance. 

  • Inability to Scale 

The tech industry is growing much faster than organizations can find IT talent to fill available jobs. This means that companies are left unable to grow their business as quickly as they would like due to a lack of resources.

Without growth, business revenue levels stagnate and eventually fall, contributing even further to a problem that many experts say is an unsustainable level.

  • Low-quality

In a rush to meet deadlines and hit goals, already overwhelmed employees are likely to take shortcuts that result in lower-quality work—which can erode your company’s reputation and impede its ability to win new clients.

This can lead to higher customer churn, lost revenue from unsatisfied customers, and poor word of mouth. 

  • Accelerated Employee Turnover

It’s a simple fact that your company will suffer if you can’t hire top-tier talent. This means that you may need to increase salaries and offer better perks for some roles, but it also means thinking about how often employees come and go in your firm. Employee turnover also increases due to burnout and dissatisfaction with their workload and job responsibilities.

The bottom line: Not having enough skilled IT talent impacts your business in more ways than you might realize.


Reasons Why Organizations Struggle to Hire and Retain Tech Talent


Hiring IT talent can be difficult, especially for tech roles requiring specific skills, experience, and education. Recruiting talented people to fill these IT jobs can sometimes be an uphill battle, with plenty of hoops to jump through before discovering the right person.

Although there are many reasons, some of the most common reasons why companies struggle to hire and retain tech talent include:

  • Poor/ unattractive employer branding
  • Average employee benefits
  • Unattractive and unclear job descriptions
  • Outdated recruitment strategies
  • Organizational culture and miscommunication
  • Geographic limitations
  • Skilled IT workers chasing better opportunities


How Can Organizations Fix the IT Talent Recruiting Gap?


As the global technology industry continues to thrive and grow each year,  IT-related fields face disruption from the skills gap and the IT talent shortage.

Here's how your organization can address the problem to bridge what appears to be an increasingly wide skills gap.

 Improve Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment strategies are crucial to finding talent that aligns with your organization's goals. If you're not hiring and retaining IT talent, it's time to review your recruiting strategy. Here are some top tips. 

  • Focus on high impact IT positions rather than mass recruiting for all positions.
  • Develop attractive offers and benefits for potential and existing employees
  • Leverage technology tools and platforms to find the best-fit candidates


Eliminate unnecessary steps and put everything related to finding qualified candidates right at their fingertips. For example, candidates should have a seamless experience finding information on any job application directly on your website or social channels.

 Incorporate Training and Development Programs

Provide relevant training and development programs to reflect industry trends. Make it a goal to continually enhance employee skills through new opportunities. Remember that many employees, especially millennials, want to be challenged in their careers and seek recognition for their contributions. They aren't afraid of hard work, so long as they're recognized. 

Give employees opportunities to collaborate on projects or creative ideas and listen to what they have to say about your organization's plans and goals. When everyone has input, everyone owns what is created at some level and has pride in its success or failure because they helped build it.

This can go a long way toward keeping employees engaged, feeling valued, and productive.

 Consider Remote Employees

Remote employees are an efficient way to hire, onboard, and maintain workers. That’s why leading organizations are increasingly embracing the hybrid workforce and workplace—for technology-related business functions.

A recent survey found that remote workers are more productive than when they're in an office. Also, they have a Workforce Happiness Index score of 75. And yet, it's estimated that roughly 50 percent of companies still don't offer remote employment as an option. This lack of workplace flexibility can lead to difficulties filling positions and employee turnover as workers tire of long commutes.

 Outsource Your IT Staffing

Most companies don't always have time for job postings or lengthy recruiting processes. These inefficiencies often are due to poor recruitment channels or inadequate resources. HR teams often struggle to sift through piles of applications. 

Fortunately, IT staffing providers in Houston exist to provide qualified professionals that have specific skill sets or industry expertise. If you're concerned about filling IT talent gaps quickly and effectively—and at a reasonable cost—outsourcing your business technology staffing needs to a third-party firm like Pronix eases the burden.


How Pronix Can Help Your Organization Navigate the IT Talent Gap


Pronix IT Staffing and consulting is an efficient way to get highly qualified, specialized personnel. We collaborate with you to find the right fit for your open position. We have the resources, market insight, and time to assist organizations like yours in their entire IT talent staffing process— from conception to onboarding. 

Our Pronix IT talent acquisition and staffing specialists can:

  • Help co-create effective acquisition and staffing strategies centered on inclusivity and diversity.
  • Recommend desirable IT skills and competencies
  • Develop job descriptions/listings and IT candidate profiles
  • Advice on proper recruitment marketing channels to ensure your job listings are visible to the right candidates
  • Use cutting–edge technology tools and solutions to accurately and fairly assess and screen candidates 
  • Sift our extensive database to source valuable IT talent
  • Help interview and onboard new office-based or hybrid employees 

Put your organization in the front seat for top IT talent. Give Pronix IT Staffing and Consulting Solutions a call to book a consultation today!


Pronix Inc Finds Top IT Talent For Your Organization


The Pronix IT Talent Acquisition and Staffing specialists in Houson draw from our extensive database of skilled, proactively screened candidates to successfully place IT professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, permanent IT positions.

Pronix IT Staffing Services leave you free to drive sales and provide a high level of service to y our customers by outsourcing the recruiting and staffing of your vacant IT positions.


Pronix Inc can help with finding top talent for your IT organization in the following areas:

  • Project Management(PMO), Agile Coaching and Scrum Masters
  • Enterprise/Solution/Application/Data/Infrastructure/Security Architecture
  • Business Analysis, User Experience Design(UX) and UI Development
  • Fullstack Application Development, Application Modernization, API Management
  • Cloud Engineering, Mobility Solutions
  • QA Testing, Testing Automation and DevOps
  • SAP ERP, Oracle EBS and Microsoft Solutions
  • Salesforce Development and Implementations
  • Data Engineering, Data Integration, ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Lake
  • Business Intelligence/Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning
  • Infrastructure Solutoon Engineers, Network Administration, Systems Administration and Database Administration
  • Application Support, Desktop/Enduser Support,  IT Help Desk Support (L1/L2/L3), BPO
  • Cybersecurity and IT Security



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