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09 November, 2021

IT Infrastructure Management

With the increasing implementation of modern technology, organizations are facing unique and critical business challenges. 

Leading IT organizations in Los Angeles California are leveraging infrastructure management solutions to provide value and stay relevant. Such solutions also help them streamline and automate processes while driving efficiency and cost reduction. But, IT infrastructure management isn’t always a walk in the park. 

It can be daunting for organizations without specialized understanding of the practice. Winning with IT infrastructure management takes practice, experience, and time. The reason why many tech and enterprise businesses in Los Angeles choose to outsource their IT infrastructure management. 

After all, consulting or outsourcing IT Infrastructure Management to a service provider like Pronix Inc who can handle all your information technology requirements has proven to be beneficial in many ways for many enterprises down the road.

This post provides direction on everything you need to know about IT infrastructure management. You’ll find all the valuable information you need to make an informed decision about whether to outsource or consult your IT infrastructure management.


What is IT Infrastructure Management?


IT infrastructure refers to the hardware, software, applications, networks systems, servers, and other systems that are essential for delivering IT services.

IT Infrastructure management encompasses:

  • Equipment
  • Data
  • IT Policies and processes
  • Vendors

IT Infrastructure management is often divided into three main components:

  • Hardware: Includes servers, data centers, facilities, desktop computers, routers, switches, etc.
  • Software: All the applications used by the business, such as web servers, OSs, Enterprise Software Applications, etc.
  • Networks: The interconnected network components that drive business network operations, communication, management, and security, such as firewalls, routers, cables, hubs, servers, switches, etc. 


Types of IT infrastructure


The three primary types of IT infrastructure:

  • Traditional infrastructure—with traditional infrastructure, the components are installed on-premises or the facilities of a company. Typically, traditional infrastructure is more expensive and requires more power, physical space to run compared to other infrastructure types.
  • Cloud infrastructure - Cloud computing IT infrastructure does away with installing and using IT infrastructure on-premises. Instead, organizations leverage virtualization to readily access their infrastructure through the internet. Cloud infrastructure is often public, private, or hybrid with models such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure—Hyperconvergence is a revolutionary data center architecture that delivers all of your data center services, including compute, storage, and networking, from a single platform or interface.


Common IT Infrastructure Management Methodologies and Frameworks


  • IT Operational Management (ITOM) - refers to processes, software, and tools that help manage the provisioning, capacity, performance, and availability of computing, networking, and application resources IT infrastructure— as well as the overall quality, efficiency, and experience of the delivery.
  •  IT Service Management (ITSM)Comprises all policies, processes, and activities involved in designing, creating, deploying, supporting, and managing the lifecycle of customer-centric IT services.
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM)—ITAM is a set of business practices that oversees lifecycle management for both hardware and software IT infrastructure. ITAM combines financial, inventory, and contractual functions to optimize expenditure to maximize value and strategic decision-making within an IT environment.


Benefits of IT infrastructure Management Los Angeles California


The skills required for IT infrastructure management services in Los Angeles aren’t necessarily ones that your business needs full-time.  Instead, you may only need a few hours per month or even a couple of hours per week. If so, hiring a consultant or an outsourcing firm can be a better way to go. 

Here are some reasons why it’s beneficial to outsource

  • Quick response - in case of disruption, experts are monitoring your network
  • Risk management due to more agile processes
  • Reduced overhead and financial costs
  • Streamlined business operations due to processes like automation
  • Reduced systems downtime
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Quick time to market for products
  • Strategic business decisions
  • Improved employee productivity


Who Should You Consult or Partner With?


When consulting or outsourcing your IT infrastructure management services, you have a lot of considerations to make. One of these is deciding who exactly should be providing your services. Finding a reputable consulting firm like Pronix Digital IT Solutions is an affordable outsourced provider that will solve your problems - and won’t cause additional issues is key. 


Here are some tips for choosing wisely:

When consulting and outsourcing, find partners with depth. Your IT-infrastructure needs vary depending on what type of business you operate, so does your choice in provider. 

Find IT outsourcing partners in Los Angeles who listen to your needs and can meet all or most of your infrastructure needs so they can provide fast resolutions to any arising problems and prevent complications from developing further down the line. They should be able to handle computer networks and servers, data storage, and backup solutions for large groups of users.

Security shouldn't be overlooked. Cybersecurity threats come in many forms—viruses, malware, break-ins by malicious hackers. When looking at potential providers, consider their security policies and how well they've implemented them before considering whether their pricing structure is suitable for your budget.

Always read reviews. These help give a complete picture of any IT helpdesk provider you're considering by bringing up details that even thorough company background checks may miss. 

Pay attention to red flags like negative comments on communication style or fees charged during initial service contracts while also making sure there aren't fake reviews planted by competitors seeking to discredit competing providers.


How Pronix It Solutions Provider Can Help


Pronix is a leading IT solutions firm that delivers the right IT infrastructure management services and helpdesk outsourcing solutions to help businesses stay optimized and updated—right from design, deployment to support.

Our strategic IT consulting and deep expertise in IT infrastructure management applies at any stage of your IT journey. We have established IT Infrastructure services designed to help provide you a competitive advantage through tailored and proactive IT process improvements and viable value addition throughout your IT life cycle.

The end-product is a modern, secure, and thriving IT Infrastructure that mirrors your organization. Join our growing team of world-class companies and brands winning with our IT infrastructure management services to drive their digital strategies and attain measurable results.

Want to know more? Schedule a consultation with Pronix IT infrastructure managment experts and learn how we can help you grow your IT infrastructure.

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