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09 May, 2022

IT Staffing Consulting

Are you looking for Top Tech Talent for Your In-House or Outsourced Tech Resource Needs?

Don’t know which IT staffing option might be right for you? Our IT consultants are standing by to help you make the optimal choice for your organization.

Get Your Hiring Done Quickly and Easily! Our Proactive Approach at Pronix IT Staffing Reduces Time to Hire US-based IT Staffing. Hire the Right Candidates for Your Internal IT Contract Position, Contract to Hire Potential, or Full-time IT Professionals for You to Hire.


USA Based, Contract & Contract to Hire IT Staffing


For companies within the US that require IT specialists for contract positions or contract positions that may turn into a full-time placement hire, this IT staffing service is an attractive option.

In this scenario, Pronix consults with you to determine the IT skills required and personal attributes needed for the prospective candidate to work well with your in-house IT team. With our vast IT staffing network, we are able to find the right individual for your contract or contract to hire position.



IT Talent Acquisition - Direct Hire, Full-Time IT Staffing & Fulfillment


If your organization is looking to fill a currently vacant, full-time IT position within your organization, this United States IT staffing service is the place to start.

Pronix pulls from viable candidates across the nation and deliver only the candidates that fit your ideal hiring profile. Pronix direct hire IT staffing services helps you save time in the hiring process and reduces IT personnel churn.


Offshore, Remote IT Staffing


When you’re looking for a highly refined balance between cost and value to meet your IT staffing needs, our offshore, remote offshore IT staffing service is often the way to go.

By looking to the highly talented tech specialists in other countries, you are able to get superb assistance with your ongoing tech work and projects at a cost any growing company can fit into its budget. Pronix searches out and suggests only the best and most dedicated offshore IT specialists for work in this remote IT staffing solution.


Pronix IT Staffing Services Benefits


Pronix IT Staffing services in the United States is an efficient way to get highly qualified, specialized personnel. The IT professionals that we source for our clients are vetted and must prove their worth to us, long before we propose that they work with your organization.

This process ensures that you get productive, experienced IT specialists that will provide value to you.

  • Augment your project – get IT projects off the ground more quickly
  • Fill your open positions – alleviate the stress on your current IT department by quickly finding candidates
  • Save time – don’t use up your resources vetting incompatible IT professionals
  • Control costs – avoid the vicious and expensive cycle associated with unsuitable candidates


What IT Talent Does Your Organization Need?


Our Pronix IT Talent services in the US provide you with vetted professionals across every aspect of IT development, support, management, and security.

  • Project Management, Agile Scrum
  • Enterprise/Solution/Application/Data/Infrastructure/Security Architecture
  • Application Development and Support
  • QA Testing, Testing Automation and DevOps
  • SAP Consulting and Solutions
  • Business Analysis, User Experience Design(UI/UX)
  • Business & IT Consulting
  • Business Intelligence/Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Administration, Systems Administration and Database Administration
  • Desktop/Enduser Support, Application Support(L1/L2/L3)
  • IT Help Desk Support(L1/L2/L2)
  • Technical Talent Management and Human Capital Management(HCM)
  • IT Security Engineering


The Pronix IT Talent Acquisition and Staffing specialists USA draw from our extensive database of skilled, proactively screened candidates. We place  highly-qualified IT professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent IT positions.

By outsourcing the recruiting and staffing of your vacant IT positions, you’re able to lower the frustrations associated with the hiring process, reduce the timeframe of the hiring cycle, and free your energies for higher ROI work.


Looking for Senior IT Talent with Experience in Your Industry?


Pronix has you covered when looking for senior IT talent acquisitions. Here are a few IT staffing positions we are looking for with experience in your industry, enterprise or business:


  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • IT Developers
  • IT Support Staff
  • Network Specialists
  • Operational IT Management Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Systems Architects


Case Studies


1. Digital Commerce by Major Cosmetic Retailer Case Study

Enhance customer experience across digital channels, Increase in Sales, Scale and Streamline e-commerce operations, including expanding into new geographic markets.

Read more to find out the the business and technical solutions for this case study!


2. Entitlements for Multinational Software Corporation Case Study

Customers can able to purchase the client products and subscriptions and they can easy to assign the products to multiple users.

Read more to find out the the business and technical solutions for this case study!


3. Data Quality for Major Educational Service Provider Case Study

The client has various teams, the output from one team can be input to another, When data is sent from one team to another it should be error-free, but sometimes there are errors in the data and because of that reason the receivers are not able to process the data in their systems.

Read more to find out the the business and technical solutions for this case study!


Live Webinar

SAP ERP Modernization for Digital Business Enablement

May 13, 2022    11:00 AM EST



Does your SAP Cloud Modernization strategy give you freedom for innovation, or does it get in your way? Do you want to make your SAP application modernization services fit for the future of digital business enablement? Register for this Digital Business Enablement webinar.

Pronix is at the forefront of SAP ERP Management and Modernization. This webinar will give you an executive view of what modernization can do for your digital strategy.


Not every IT Solutions firm in the United States is able to put on webinars on subjects as complicated as SAP ERP application modernization. The subject covered in this webinar requires a group of IT specialists that work in these high-impact technologies every day.

We’re proud to be the go-to partner for SAP ERP application management for in-house IT teams and IT firms that need some assistance in this specialty. We hope you find the webinar informative and helpful, and we look forward to serving you.

Read more to find out what you will learn in this webinar!




Why Do Companies Implement SAP Software?

The benefits of SAP for business operations are numerous and they can be customized for every business operation that will improve the flexibility and full integration of those operations and provide both efficiency and cost savings on every stage of product’s lifecycle.
Read More: If you want to understand why do companies implement SAP, this whitepaper should provide the full answer.





Pronix IT Staffing and IT Talent Acquisition is ready to help your organization, enterprise or business fill the IT positions on your team. Whether you are looking to hire IT specialists for contract positions, vacant full time IT positions, or any other remote IT staffing needs, Pronix can help!


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