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24 November, 2021


In today's cloud acceleration momentum, analyzing the right kind of cloud consulting solutions can equip your business with the ability to gain solid business insights that drive growth, agility, productivity, and scalability.

In fact, according to a recent cloud business survey from enterprise clients in New Jersey, more than 56% of executives see the cloud solution as a strategic platform for growth and innovation. That said, harnessing the power of the cloud not only promotes business efficiency, production, and innovation but also helps your business become future-ready. 

As a business leader, there has never been a better time to take cloud solutions seriously. And if the remote work spurt and the COVID-19 situation across the globe is anything to go by, cloud adoption is an obvious choice. But before any New Jersey business owners can decide to take their business to the next level through the cloud, it's critical to understand available cloud solutions in the market.


Cloud Consulting Solutions

While there are dozens of cloud consulting solutions available in the market, real cloud solutions opportunities are made possible by IaaS and PaaS cloud giants–AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

The three cloud capabilities are increasingly changing how businesses work and build applications by featuring cloud solutions beyond basic compute storage and networking. Depending on what your cloud goals, each platform has its share of strengths, functionality requirements, and weaknesses. That means you choose your cloud platform based on the most appropriate for their workloads.

This article discusses the leading cloud solutions that any organization can adopt to know the best choice for your unique business needs.


AWS Cloud Services

Established in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the current infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market leader.

As such, AWS is the world's most extensive, reliable, and adopted cloud infrastructure designed to provide on-demand service to individuals and companies. According to the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services report, Gartner placed AWS highest and named it a top leader for the tenth time in a row.

Millions of businesses across the globe, such as Netflix, Adobe, Airbnb, Slack, Disney, Reddit, McDonald's, NASA, Samsung, and more, use AWS for a wide range of cloud-based products and services to become more flexible and cost-effective innovative and scalable. The AWS cloud services at Pronix IT Solutions include computing, storage, databases, analytics, mobile, developer tools, management tools, enterprise applications, and more.


Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure was launched in 2010, a few years later after AWS. 


Presently, Azure is the second-largest, most extensive cloud infrastructure offering cloud solutions for businesses on a pay-per-use model. Although AWS is the most established cloud platform, Microsoft Azure is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies and is reported to be the fastest-growing cloud platform. 


Like AWS, Azure offers you more than 200 cloud services to help build, test, execute, and manage business applications across multiple environments. From computing, storage, networking, DevOps, databases, containers, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence to analytics, Azure gets you up and running with scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions for business. 


Whatever cloud service you need —and choose—integrates with your business environment enabling business efficiency, productivity, and scalability.  One of the most significant benefits you get in choosing Azure is easy integration with Microsoft tools and software and support for a wide range of programming languages, including .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, and Python. 


Also, if you're looking to build a hybrid cloud model, Azure is an ideal choice because it provides strong support for hybrid cloud services.  Popular Azure companies include AT&T, BMW, Coca-Cola, FedEx, National Basketball Association, Snowflake, L'Oreal, Vodafone, and more. 


Pronix Google Cloud Solutions Providers

Google Cloud is the newest of the three cloud solution providers after launching in 2008. 

The Google cloud platform offers computing, data storage and databases, data management, big data and analytics, application development, AI, Machine learning, and deep learning. Specially, Google Cloud Platform is also garnering a lot of interest for big data and analytics. It also offers the best tools for AI and ML services and has already made a mark for open-source, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

That said, Google Cloud has the potential to become a leading startup Cloud solution. Companies in the United States that use Google Cloud include 20th Century Fox, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, True caller, and more.


AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which is the Best?

From our experience here at Pronix Digital and Cloud Support Services in New Jersey, the choice between the three depends on your organization's unique needs and how each platform aligns with those needs.

Our recommendation would be to compare the service offerings from each cloud provider to make the most of the operations, performance, and cost benefits available to your business.

Remember: You're not limited to one option.

Successful companies and many of our customers leverage multiple cloud service providers to set up a custom multi-cloud environment that helps them fulfill their infrastructure requirements and achieve their set business goals.


Choosing the Best Cloud Platform and Services

For forward-thinking companies, the truth is that the cloud is a big deal. It could mean the difference between staying in business or having competitors move past you in the marketplace.

Choosing to gain a competitive edge by successfully leveraging the cloud is a wise move. If you're wondering how to get started with the cloud solutions that will set your business for the next level of growth and scalability, we know and get it—cloud strategies and adoption can be a daunting task.

It's a journey filled with unique challenges and complexities. As such, it helps to have expert input from a team of trained and experienced cloud strategy professionals. That's why we recommend working with an experienced cloud consulting partner to get the most from cloud services.

At Pronix, our team of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud experts in New Jersey have decades' worth of training and experience helping companies successfully optimize their cloud infrastructure, execute cloud adoption and migration plans. 

We accomplish this through a tested and tried process that aligns with your custom cloud needs. Precisely, our cloud consulting experts follow an in-depth cloud infrastructure process that includes an assessment, design, implementation, and integration of your cloud adoption plans.

Move to the cloud space with confidence. Contact Pronix Cloud Solutions to book a free consultation today +1-(732) 476 5277

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