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14 December, 2021

Product Engineering

Software Product Engineering (SEP) is one of the fastest-growing trends in the technological realm. Software products provide businesses with capabilities that can be immensely beneficial to their success or failure. 

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the product engineering services market will exhibit a CAGR of 10.36% for the forecast period of 2021-2028.

As an enterprise, you’re probably used to wearing all sorts of hats in order to get quality software products off the ground and running efficiently. However, as your company grows and evolves, you may find yourself needing to partner with an outsourcing development company like Pronix product development in New Jersey to fast-track the success of your software products!

Outsourcing your product engineering to Pronix software product enginnering in New Jersey, a partner that fits into your workflow seamlessly and provides high-quality solutions at affordable prices, is one of the most important business decisions you can make. This post discusses why outsourcing software product engineering makes sense and how it can help scale your business.


  The Product Development Projects that  the Pronix software development team handles



What Is Software Product Engineering?


Software product engineering refers to those activities aimed at designing, building, delivering, and maintaining quality software products. It brings new applications to market quickly and efficiently, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple process. There are a number of steps involved, including:

  • Planning (Ideation and Conceptualization)
  • Design and Development (developing a minimal viable product)
  • Testing
  • Deployment, Marketing, Maintenance, etc.

As you can see, creating software products doesn’t always happen overnight. Software products undergo different phases of product engineering services throughout their lifecycle, the reason why many organizations choose to outsource their software product engineering needs.


Is Software Product Engineering Right For Your Company?


Every business has varying needs and potential growth paths. While hiring on-site may seem like a good solution at first glance, it can often create more issues than it solves.

The decision to outsource often rests with assessing your company needs, including asking yourself some of the following questions. 

  • Do you have enough resources to sustain software product engineering? 
  • Will you be working with a single software application or multiple applications?
  • How important is it that you have complete control over the development and maintenance of these products?

Depending on how you answer these and more relevant questions, outsourcing product engineering might be right for you. 

Outsourcing has pros and cons, so discussing your options with a professional may help clarify what route is best for growing and scaling your company.


5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Product Engineering


Here are five ways how outsourcing to Pronix product engineering in New Jersey gives you a competitive advantage over others who aren’t exploring outsourced opportunities. 

1)     Cost-effective

Outsourcing isn’t cheap—it’s cheaper. 

Compared to running a large in-house product engineering development team, outsourcing is generally more cost-effective and can provide you with more bang for your buck.

Software companies employ thousands of product engineers; even those that do most of their work in-house might use freelancers or offshore teams as well as keep some programming functions on contract. 

That means there are lots of people working as engineers who don't need full-time jobs. These freelance developers (and others like them) are very likely candidates for your project.

2)    Build without Boundaries

Outsourcing can help you accomplish more in less time. It helps to create a culture of innovation by allowing you to focus on building innovative solutions instead of spending your time worrying about processes and operations. 

In other words: it helps you build your dreams—not someone else’s. Let us count them for you!

  • Faster Time to Market
  • More Efficient Operations
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Expanded Expertise
  • Distraction-Free Focus ...and these are just our top five!

3) Build What Matters

For any business to thrive, it's imperative to focus on what matters. Whether you're starting from scratch or already have an existing product, your team needs to understand how to work on software products that matter. If not, you'll just be doing busywork that brings in little or enough revenue but doesn't improve your product or user experience. 

So, how do you engineer software products that matter? Outsourcing is a better option. 

When you outsource software product engineering, there are three key factors they consider:  

  • Customers' demands for features and bug fixes
  • Customers' understanding of their users' problems 
  • Industry standards for good code.

With these factors in mind, outsourcing teams build better products. That means fewer bugs, less back-and-forth communication with stakeholders, and happier end-users at every stage of your software life cycle.

4) Focus on Business

As you strive to engineer innovative software products, it’s essential to remember that other business priorities can sometimes get in your way. 

With other priorities getting in your way or other people are pushing their ideas instead of the ones agreed upon, it’s easy to forget why you started in the first place and drift off course.

Outsourcing helps you stay true to your software product vision services so you can focus on your business. After all, the point of partnering with an outsourcing company is to co-create valuable software products for your customers.

5) Access Better Talent

Outsourcing your software product engineering doesn’t mean giving up quality control. 

Contrary, outsourcing gives you access to better talent than you might find locally. In fact, outsourcing allows you to hire a world-class team of experts who will not only develop quality software products but also do so quicker than if you were going about it with your in-house team!

Also, outsourced software companies can help you scale faster. They can take on multiple projects at once—meaning they don’t have to focus all their attention on one task before moving on to another. Oftentimes, outsourcing actually results in better work because companies know they need to make stellar products to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.


Looking for Software Product Engineering Services?


If you are looking to develop software products or improve upon existing software products, Pronix Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience with developing next-generation software products.

Pronix product engineering is a leading software development and product engineering firm based in New Jersey offering custom strategic software development and product engineering services to our clients. We bring together top software engineering talent to co-create, design, and develop quality software that spurs innovations. Our software engineering services comprise the entire software product engineering life cycle.

Contact our team at Pronix Technical IT Outsourcing today and take your software development and product engineering to the next level.


Software Product Development Case Study


Pronix software product development and engineering


Project Name: Entitlements

Client: Multinational Software Corporation

Project Commencement Date: April 2017

Project Completion Date: June 2019

Project Case Study URL: Entitlements for Multinational Software Corporation

Business Objectives:    
Customers can able to purchase the client products and subscriptions and they can easy to assign the products to multiple users.


Business Solution:
Enterprise User Management (UM) program provides a new, more robust user management, entitlement provisioning, authentication, and authorization platform designed to scale from individual customers all the way up to large enterprises. This platform will serve as the base for multiple user assignment, entitlement, and licensing models.



Pronix is There Throughout the Entire Product Lifecycle


Where many other IT asset development firms lose focus, this is where Pronix software product development shines!

We don’t simply implement the product into your system and leave, never to be seen again. Our experience tells us that you are best served when we stay with you throughout the product lifecycle and support your use of the product each step of the way.

We leverage award-winning knowledge, equipment, processes, and operational experience to provide you with the most ingenious and cost-effective solutions available.

Whether you are searching for a reliable project engineering service provider like Pronix IT Consulting and Staffing Services in New Jersey for a new build or an upgrade to an existing system, we have the experience and the capability to handle every minute step in the project engineering process.

Need help with a software product and don't know where to turn?

Pronix is here to help! Just reach out to our Technical IT specialists in New Jersey for a no-obligation conversation about your development needs.

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