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22 March, 2022

Microsoft Technology

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity in business has steadily dropped since 2007. This was about the time when smartphones became a part of our daily lives. Coincidence? Maybe.

This made some people wonder if technology led to the decline in workplace and business productivity.

There is a group of people who believe that banning technology in the workplace will bring about focus and increase productivity. At the same time, those on the other side of the fence believe that all we need is to apply discipline and effort.

While that debate may rage on, the fact that office productivity solutions help companies operate efficiently cannot be ignored.

One segment of technologies that has helped a lot of businesses is the suite of Microsoft applications. Microsoft offers Office365, OneDrive for Business, SQL Server, Cloud Computing/Azure, Active Directory, and more.


This article by Pronix IT Solutions in Detroit will highlight the benefits of these tools and how they can lead to an increase in employee productivity.


Microsoft Office 365 Solutions Detroit


In the development of Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365), the software giant utilized artificial intelligence to reduce redundancy and repetitive tasks for the end-user, thereby improving the overall computing efficiency for the user. This helps employees reduce the time they would normally use to create and revise documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

For instance, if you want to create a presentation, the new PowerPoint designer in Office365 automatically creates recommended slide formats based on the content you have input. There is no need to rack your brain over the slide layout and composition – saving time.

Office365 has the full suite of applications available in a cloud or mobile format that enables your employees to work from anywhere in the world. This mobility helps drive productivity. A survey conducted by ConnectSolutions showed that employee productivity increased by 77% when they were able to work from home.

We are in the age of the remote workforce, and employees are happy when they can use any device from anywhere to connect to their files and continue with their work. Office365 also offers Teams where your employees can collaborate easily in a secure environment. This communication helps reduce information silos and enables productivity.

Please reach out at any time if you want to schedule a call to discuss Office365 or any other Microsoft Applications


OneDrive for Business


This storage solution enables workers to store, access, and share files securely across many devices via the cloud. When you store your files with OneDrive, those files can be accessed and edited easily with your Office365 applications, improving productivity. Because Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution, your team is able to store, share and update their files from anywhere.

Want to streamline your customer survey efforts?

OneDrive has the ability to organize surveys easily. Instead of sending surveys through email or distributing printed paper, it is more efficient to conduct a survey utilizing OneDrive.

You can use a combination of Microsoft Excel and OneDrive for Business to create, distribute and analyze surveys. Your created surveys can be sent to your staff, team members, customers, members of another department, and even stakeholders and investors


SQL Server


If your business in Detroit requires that you work on databases and objects stored in them, then you will need an SQL Server from Microsoft. Ideally, you should have a separate database for any task you are doing, especially if it involves caching, processing, sorting, or loading. You should also put them in simple recovery mode backup once every day.

A SQL Server can help you do all these easily and effectively, saving time and effort. SQL Server from Microsoft is not just a complete database software. Microsoft claims that it also reduces downtime by over 20%. Here are more ways it serves business owners.

It may be time to contact a professional IT staffing agency if you are finding that you have no time to manage the everyday chores of running an SQL server or anything else IT related at your business or enterprise.


  • Continuous data backup: SQL server offers 30 days backup to their customers all over the world. This backup goes on all the time, so you always have a rolling backup of your data.
  • Multi-user access: Microsoft offers a hosted server where many users can have access to their data from different locations at the same time.
  • Enhanced data security: With the Microsoft SQL Server, you can get total monitoring of your data by experts all round the clock. You will also get other advanced data security benefits from using SQL server from Microsoft because many protective measures are baked into the service.


24/7 technical support: Microsoft offers free technical support to their customers. You can contact them through live chat or email and get free help with utilizing the Office365 services. If you would rather contact Pronix Microsoft Solutions this may also be a workable solution +1-(732) 476 5277


Cloud Computing / Azure


Microsoft Azure achieved a 35% CAGR in enterprise cloud adoption in 2018 alone, making it a leader in cloud computing. Web applications can be created, modified, and deployed easily by IT professionals within Azure’s established infrastructure. Azure offers flexible scalability with a pay-as-you-go model so that your organization will not be burdened with high, up-front infrastructure costs.

When it comes to features that improve your productivity, Azure has built-in analytical support, which helps to analyze your organization's data and gives you valuable insights.

You can leverage those insights to make real-time decisions affecting efficiency. Also, Azure gives you a seamless integration to other Microsoft applications, so your employees can avoid the time spent learning and training on new technologies.


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Active Directory


Active Directory connects all the devices and applications in your organization to a database system which makes it very easy for anyone in your organization can connect and access the information from anywhere.

Microsoft Active Directory provides your employees with a single, secure sign-on ID for the applications and websites they use, which bolsters data security and eliminates the confusion of trying to remember multiple passwords and login details.

This single sign-on functionality increases efficiency and productivity among your employees while reducing the risk of human error.

Active Directory helps companies to manage their IT infrastructure, verify identities, control access to applications/devices, and monitor their network. The life of your employees is simplified using Active Directory, and the security of your organization is dramatically enhanced.


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Microsoft is a leader in the field of office productivity tools. When you use the right technology, the productivity of your workforce increases. Sure, there will always be those few employees that spend work time playing solitaire on their desktop or checking their social media feeds. But that’s a management problem, not a technology problem.

Microsoft has many applications meant to simplify the workflow of your employees and enhance their efficiency. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office365) is an easy way to build tech-based productivity capability into your workflow. If you’d like to explore how any of these Microsoft tools could benefit your business, reach out to the Pronix team for a no-obligation conversation.

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