The Importance of Quality Assurance Testing in DevOps Development Operations Minnesota

13 October, 2021


The Importance of Quality Assurance Testing in DevOps Development Operations at Pronix IT Solutions is important whether you are in Minneapolis Minnesota or Houston Texas. Delivering high-quality software quickly is a lifeline for digital success and necessary for customer acquisition and retention.


Organizations that fail to meet their customers' expectations and adapt to new business models will find themselves losing customers and trailing to competitors that can. It's the reason why Quality Assurance testing is an essential part of the DevOps cycle. But often, it seems to be overlooked or ignored by managers and employees alike. 


Though it's easy to understand why Quality Assurance testing in Minnesota may get overlooked, it's crucial that QA testing isn't relegated to the back burner during the DevOps cycle! In this guide, we'll go over how QA testing can help your company get more out of DevOps and how it helps ensure that your project remains successful from start to finish!


What Is Quality Assurance Testing?


QA testing is a critical step in software development. Through QA testing, developers can identify defects (problems with your code) and fix them before production. 


QA testing focuses on two main goals: 


  • Software quality — Refers to how well your product conforms to its requirements or how many defects it has. You can also think of it as how acceptable a certain level of risk is for you. 
  • Risk reduction — Involves finding problems with your product so that you have time to fix them before they cause problems for users who are relying on it. It also keeps users safe from bugs that could get exploited by hackers.


Why is Quality Assurance Important? 


Let's take a look into the benefits of software quality assurance for your DevOps Environment.


1. Time-efficiency


The effectiveness of any business process depends on its efficiency. One of the most significant benefits of QA—whether it's software or hardware—is that QA can help save time by anticipating and avoiding bugs and flaws.


QA ensures that quality software ships on time and as often as possible. QA understands what constitutes high quality and sees to it that those standards are met. If you have a test plan already in place, much of your testing will be structured, leaving little guesswork when a defect arises. Furthermore, if you create a test plan for your software and hardware at its inception, you may be able to catch any design flaws before going into production with a product.


The result? Fewer issues, faster fixes. It doesn't take long for defects to pile up, costing organizations valuable hours of productivity each day. When deficiencies are addressed quickly, teams can better assess how new features or product enhancements might affect existing components, ultimately improving an organization's overall product quality. 


It may sound like common sense that tests should always verify expected results. However, many organizations cut corners on testing due to short deadlines or time constraints—setting themselves up for problems down the road. Without QA teams, organizations struggle to test and deploy quality products. That doesn't make for speedy development; it makes for slow growth, and there's nothing more crucial than speed in an Agile environment.


2. Protecting Your Brand Reputation 


We all know how reviews can make or break your business. Your software products openly echo your company and brand. Products with bugs and flaws or prone to crashes will negatively affect your brand reputation. While QA and DevOps work together to ensure that things run smoothly, QA works to protect your reputation. After all, if your website goes down for several hours, you can be sure that you'll be seeing a reduction in sales—and that will affect your business brand for years to come. 


QA prevents these situations from occurring. If bugs are found, then steps are taken immediately to fix them. When there are issues with an application, it's usually discovered within hours—or minutes—of being released, enabling developers to push out fixes before anyone notices at all.


3. Cost-efficiency 


QA does save money. Every dollar counts, especially for companies under pressure to deliver high-quality products to their customers. That's why Pronix quality assurance solutions has moved from an afterthought to a critical step in the development process. Though it requires additional resources, proper QA can pay off immensely by making your product more effective and boosting your bottom line. By executing each stage efficiently, businesses can bring successful products to market more quickly and increase revenue while cutting costs.


Of course, a QA engineer will cost more than a developer or two, but think about how much money you'll save by avoiding deployment failures. The quicker an error is detected and its cause discovered, the faster it is in resolving it than identifying and fixing errors after production or deployment. 


In many cases, your organization may even be able to get away with writing an automated test to make sure similar errors don't happen again—eliminating future costs from resolving them manually. That alone should convince you that QA is worth your investment.


Maintaining and Scaling Product Quality 


Getting your product to the market fast is essential, but so is ensuring its quality. Quality Assurance ensures that before you deploy a new feature or release an update, tests are done to detect issues and fix them before affecting customers. This ensures that users get value from your product right away—and that you can scale quickly without endangering customer satisfaction or your brand's reputation. The more dependent on technology customers are becoming, failing them will be fatal. 


Establishing some method for tracking product metrics and user feedback via QA is vital as it enables teams to track product changes by monitoring if their adoption impacts business goals. Often, organizations neglect or forget to integrate quality assurance testing into the product development lifecycle, and ultimately, they pay the price.


Improving Customer Satisfaction and Retention 


Enterprises are intimately familiar with the significance of customer satisfaction and retention. A Walker study found that at the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. If your company's product quality levels are high, customers will be satisfied. They'll stick around, and you won't have to spend as much money on customer acquisition or retention efforts. 


The same holds if product quality is low. Bad products turn off many customers, so when serious bugs appear in software development or other errors occur during production runs, many consumers will choose to no longer buy your products and ride on the next wave. A negative experience with one lousy product makes it more difficult for them to trust future purchases from that company. If your organization outsources DevOps to Pronix IT Solutions in Minnesota, you're bound to meet your customers' expectations where your software works efficiently and without any glitches.


Elevate Your Quality Assurance with Pronix 


High-quality software products don't just happen. They are the result of continuous testing, feedback, and parallel alterations throughout your product lifecycle. Pronix takes care of QA, so you don't have to. We have the right QA talent for your software products.


Pronix IT Solutions in Minneapolis Minnesota ensures that your product will be error-free before launch by putting it through rigorous quality assurance tests on every level, ensuring that you are confident about releasing your product into the market. That way, your DevOps teams can focus on delivering value faster. 


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