Transform Agriculture sector with Data-Driven Technologies

11 May, 2020


The term "Agriculture" is defined as the science of art and cultivating the plants and livestock. The last 20 years of Agriculture technology advancement has become flourishing in the field. Moreover, the world population is gradually increasing the day by day, according to recent surveys the world population will reach 9 billions by 2030 and 11 billions by 2050. It's clear now how food production methods are important for transforming and Sustainability.

Thanks for Pronix Technologies to Transforming Agriculture sector in a range of data-driven technologies like Artificial IntelligenceInternet of ThingsMachine Learning, and Big Data to boost another agriculture revolution that farmers need. Farmers look at multiple ways to utilize resources like chemicals, fertilizers, water to improve the quality of crops and yields.

The use of our data-driven technologies like IoT and AI are revolutionizing the Agriculture Industry with the help of these technologies to gather, understand, process, learn, and implement thus boosting the efficiency to increase productivity.

IoT and AI provide data insights to reform crop yields with reducing environmental effects. Here are some outputs that IoT and AI-Powered smart agriculture solutions.

Crop Yield Optimization:

Live Data insights from IoT and AI-enabled smart agriculture solutions to reform a plan based harvesting with data of soil quality, moisture levels, and weather conditions, to forecast the chances of reducing the crop damage.

Soil Quality Tracking:

By inserting the images of soil, the deep-learning Image recognition application identifies the defects and nutrients deficiency in the soil it captures and provides fruitful suggestions to users by various techniques of harvesting the land.

With the Pronix Data-Driven Technologies based on Smart Enabled Agriculture solution to provide valuable data insights with the Increase of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of your Agriculture production.

What you can do with Data-Driven Technologies in Agriculture

  • Automatic irrigation
  • Weather forecasting
  • Sensor-based agriculture
  • Soil health tracking
  • Greenhouse tracking with real-time data
  • Improve the quality of produce
  • Smart warehousing, logistics, and distribution

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