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14 April, 2022

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Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant (VA) to take care of your IT support needs in the United States?

Searching for the best virtual outsourced IT staffing agency US? This article will explore the benefits of outsourced IT help desk services, the most popular help desk jobs, and how to hire a VA for managed IT services.

Read on for everything you need to know about virtual outsourced IT staffing agencies in the US.


The Benefits of VA Tech Support for Your Company


More and more companies are turning to outsourced IT support because of its significant advantages when compared to traditional IT support. 

Here are three key benefits of outsourcing your tech support to a staffing agency.


  1. Top-Shelf Support

When you’re working with one of the IT support specialists at Pronix, you’re limited to their knowledge. If he/she doesn’t know how to fix it, you’re stuck. But, when you work with outsourced tech support, you gain access to a network of IT specialists on the cutting edge of technology. They have a broad range of expertise and the practical experience to back it up. 

That’s why outsourced tech support is becoming the go-to avenue for IT services.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

If you’re paying a salary and benefits for your one and only IT specialist, you would most likely save by switching to an outsourced IT agency. Most IT staffing agencies offer packages of managed IT services that are customizable to your business and your specific needs. That translates into significant savings for you.


  1. Better Cybersecurity

Cybercrime saw a massive increase during the pandemic and lockdowns. The UN’s disarmament chief reported a 600% increase in malicious emails, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news is that outsourced tech support can strengthen your cybersecurity. An IT staffing agency can provide management of cloud-based data storage and scheduled backups to keep your data safe. They can also secure your data with end-to-end encryption and ransomware protection.

Outsourced IT will also monitor your systems remotely. If a data breach occurs, they’ll be the first to know, and they can immediately – and remotely - address the situation.


What Remote IT Help Desk Agencies Bring to Your Organization


If your company needs IT outsourcing services for your employees, why not outsource your requirements to a remote IT help desk agency that will be available when your employee needs IT answers or troubleshooting? Here are four reasons that companies like yours partner with remote IT help desk agencies.


  1. 24/7 Availability

If one of your employees needs help desk services, they don’t want to wait until 8 am on Monday. They need help NOW. And depending on the issue, waiting until Monday could easily result in lost revenue.

If you only have in-house IT support staff, it’s pretty tough to guarantee 24/7 availability. Eventually, your IT guy will go on vacation, get sick, or be otherwise unavailable. On the other hand, a remote IT help desk is available around the clock — ready when you need them.


  1. Fast Response Times

Because a remote help desk offers 24/7 support, their response times will be faster than a typical help desk. They can typically access your computers and network remotely to troubleshoot and resolve any issue.

Fast response times help minimize downtime and potential lost revenue and provide the support needed for your business processes to get up and running quickly.


  1. Reduced IT Costs

Compared to the cost of retaining an in-house IT specialist, IT help desk services are very affordable. You don’t have to invest in training, benefits, retention, or paid vacation. Instead, you typically pay a monthly fee according to your pre-planned Service Level Agreement. This fee includes everything agreed upon in the SLA and encompasses all the common business IT services needs.


  1. Technical Expertise

Help desk agents are trained in the latest technologies and software. Unlike a single IT guy who deals mainly with a few vendors, they have lots of practice supporting multiple products and companies. That’s why they can offer top-notch expertise and speedy service to your employees. They can walk your employees through new processes and applications and troubleshoot computer issues as they arise.


The Types of IT Help Desk Jobs That Are Available


Curious about what type of IT help desk jobs are available? Read on for 3 common help desk positions available today.


Help Desk Technician United States

Median Salary: $58,072

In this popular entry-level position, help desk technicians are the first point of contact for customers or employees who need IT support. They often connect to the computer via remote access to troubleshoot any simple issues. Their work may include installing and repairing software. Typically, junior help desk technicians refer complicated problems to more senior techs for resolution. 


Help Desk Analyst United States

Median Salary: $55,043

While this role does overlap with that of a help desk technician, it goes one step further by including analysis. 

In addition to assisting clients with tech issues via phone or email, help desk analysts also keep track of the most common IT issues. They develop simple resources to help users resolve issues quickly. In addition, analysts may collaborate with senior IT staff and management to implement tech solutions and staff training.


IT Technician United States

Median Salary: $50,280

While the help desk technicians at Pronix Inc spend most of their time troubleshooting and resolving issues with the user, IT technicians in the United States focus on fixing the IT networks and issues themselves. To do so, they need a thorough knowledge of operating systems and IT networks. They play a vital role in keeping your computer systems running smoothly.


Hiring a VA for Managed IT Services


A VA (Virtual Assistant) for Managed IT Services can help your business operate at its highest efficiency by managing, maintaining, monitoring, and securing your workflow and data. 

Hiring a VA to do your IT work allows you to be proactive about your IT needs and gives you cost efficiency and fast, helpful IT support services.


Consider Your IT Needs

First, make a list of your current IT services needs. This could include help desk services, remote monitoring, cloud-based storage and backups, and more. If you’re not sure where to start, here is a list of possible IT services you may require.

  • IT help desk services
  • Remote desktop support
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Installation/configuration support (for new software or applications)
  • 24/7 monitoring - of your network, servers, or infrastructure
  • Windows/OS maintenance
  • 24/7 tech support


Once you’ve made a list of your IT services needs, you’re ready to search for the best IT service providers.


Research the Best IT Service Providers


In the world of tech, outsourced IT Helpdesk providers in the US are often called MSPs. This stands for Managed Service Providers because they provide IT services according to pre-arranged service packages.

Here are a few critical questions to ask as you search for the right MSP for your company.


Choose the Right SLA for Your Company


When you work with outsourced IT services providers, work is done according to an SLA. This stands for Service Level Agreement. It details exactly what services you receive for a fixed monthly rate. 

Typically, the SLA is based on the number of devices on your system and the number of employees. It will vary based on the services you require as well. 

An MSP will assess your IT service needs and then offer you an SLA that fits your situation best. Be sure that you understand the details of the contract, including the exit strategy, should you change your mind. Then you’ll sign on the dotted line, and you’re in business!

Hiring a VA for managed IT services means you have access to top-shelf technology and IT support while keeping costs low. Your customers and employees (not to mention your ROI) will thank you!


Does Your Business Need a VA for IT Services in the United States?


Interested in learning how outsourced IT services could benefit your US business?

Pronix is a Managed IT Service Provider that offers outsourced IT staffing and support for your needs. We’re here to help.


What experience does this MSP have in my industry?

Ideally, your MSP should already have some experience (and successful clients) in your industry. Ask if they have any testimonials from clients in your industry.


What does your help desk ticket system look like?

Ask the MSP rep to walk you through the process from when your employee calls in with an issue, and a ticket is created until the problem gets resolved. Who decides when the issue is resolved - the customer or the help desk technician? And is there a service standard for how fast the issue will get fixed? These questions will help you understand how efficient the MSP ticket system is.


Do you offer 24/7 monitoring and tech support?

This may increase your monthly cost. But, depending on your industry and needs, it may be well worth the investment. 


Are you willing to work with products and technology from multiple vendors?

Some MSPs may be partial to using only certain vendors’ products or even have a contract that only allows them to use those products. This may limit what products your firm can use. Ideally, an MSP would have connections with multiple vendors, so they have access to the best products. But they would be willing to choose whatever products work best for the client.


Pronix IT Staffing and Consulting Needs


PRONIX IT Staffing service is an efficient way to get highly qualified, specialized personnel. Within this model can be significant savings for you! The IT professionals that we source for our clients are vetted and must prove their worth to us, long before we propose that they work with your organization. This process ensures that you get productive, experienced IT specialists that will provide value to you.



Ideal for short-term needs. This option offers low-enf labour to high-end specialized technical resources and everything in between. Contract technical resources and only pay form the hours needed.



Convert your temporary contractor to full-time direct employmnent at a prorated fee according to the number of hours worked.



An Economical and Contingency-based solution which is extremely competitive to your local talent acquisition film, but with a national and international reach for IT technical and sales positions.

The Pronix IT Staffing and Talent Acquisition specialists in New Jersey, USA draw from our extensive database of skilled, proactively screened candidates to successfully place IT professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, permanent IT positions.

Pronix IT Talent Acquisition Services in New Jersey US leave you free to drive sales and provide a high level of service to y our customers by outsourcing the recruiting and staffing of your vacant IT positions.


Pronix is Ready to help with your Technical IT staffing in New Jersey, New York, or anywhere else in the United States


Who are your thought leaders we can speak with? Just send us an email or give us a call +1 (732) 476-5277 to begin the process of finding the perfect IT specialist for your open position.


Pronix IT Strategic Consulting and Staffing in New Jersey will help you get the IT staff in place for any project from any one of a number of IT positions like Project Management, Solution Architecture, Applications Development, QA DevOps, QA Testing, QA Automation, ERP Development and Support, Information Management, Data Base Development, ETL Development, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Infrastructure Support, Cloud Implementation, and IT Security for starters.




Case Study

Digital Applications - UI/UX




Project Name: Digital Applications

Client: Major Airlines Client

Project Commencement Date: June 2017

Project Completion Date: Present


Business Problem:


A. Line Technicians, Leads and Supervisors are using multiple legacy applications that are currently not very efficient. 

B. The duration to fix an issue and report the solution to the management is also high because of the desktop applications and their access only at the office premises.


Business Solution:


A. Creating one web application across the teams so that the efficiency increases by accessing all the information in a single place. 

B. Creating iOS applications and responsive web applications that can be accessed outside the office premises through iOS devices, that way reducing the time taken in the total cycle.

Find out more about this Pronix Case Study!


White Paper


Why Do Companies Implement SAP Software?


The benefits of SAP for business operations are numerous and they can be customized for every business operation that will improve the flexibility and full integration of those operations and provide both efficiency and cost savings on every stage of product’s lifecycle.

Find out more about this white paper!




Whether you call it Business Process Outsourcing or you call it the best idea ever invented, it really doesn't matter as long as you have the right outsourced IT partner.

What we do care about is at Pronix IT Staffing and Consulting in New Jersey is giving your employees access to fast, accurate answers to their IT questions and providing the kind of responsive troubleshooting resource that allows your internal processes to work at warp speed.

PRONIX provides support services related to Application, End-user Computing, and Desktop Support, and IT environments.


By partnering with PRONIX for outsourced tech support services US, you have access to a full array of services used by high-impact companies across the globe. Contact us today for a no hassle consultation - +1-(732) 476 5277


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