Case Study

Data Quality

Quality Assurance

Project Name: Data Quality

Client: Major Educational Services client

Project Commencement Date: Oct 2017

Project Completion Date: Present

Project url:

Business Problem:
The client has various teams, the output from one team can be input to another, When data is sent from one team to another it should be error-free, but sometimes there are errors in the data and because of that reason the receivers are not able to process the data in their systems.

Business Solution:
Setup a team (DQS) responsible to develop applications to process the data and come up with various reports indicating problems with the data. The team will use business rules to validate the data for its correctness. The team will be the intermediary between the data source and the data requesters.

Technical Solution:
DQS designs and develops complex applications/Programs/application workflows using Statistical Analytical System (SAS). These applications are coded in accordance with business rules and are scheduled on a scheduler which runs 24X7 and as soon as we receive input data for those applications, it picks up the files and triggers the application, The application performs all checks and generates the automated reports and automatically notifies the stakeholders. Is there are issues with the data, the sourcing team corrects the data and processes the files again until there are no issues reported.

Technologies: SAS/BASE, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACROS, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ODS.  SAS Enterprise Guide, MS SQL MS-OFFICE, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML