Robotics CRM Implementation for Major Healthcare Client

Business Problem

CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives) navigates to multiple external applications beyond the base Solution Central BPM application to complete the member’s request. This is because every function is not already integrated with the base BPM application via API’s. 
Navigating and carrying out steps in the external application becomes repetitive and adds to the mundane task, this reduces the production time CSR can spend with the member online.

Business Solution

By means of Pega Robotics, the Solution Central Robotics team is bridging the gap between the base BPM application and the external applications by automating the login and also by automating the necessary steps required to complete a member request.


Pega Robotic Automation Studio and Runtime version 7.1,7.2 and 8.0, Source Tree, Jira, Sococo and Agile Methodology, C#, PL/SQL, Oracle, Toad, Windows Scheduler