Digital Banking for Reputed Banking Client

Business Problem

Enhance the existing application to make digital transactions more smooth and accessible via a better banking app.

Business Solution

Expand the digital platform to add new features to the existing web application, create new mobile app and web services to better cater to the customers and make their banking experience easy and hassle-free but at the same time rich with features.

Technical Solution

  • Create a scalable test architecture that is flexible, extensible and that can be reused by multiple different teams. 
  • Implement a mobile automation architecture that is capable of running tests on apps running android, iOS, and other operating systems. The test architecture would be customizable so that more teams can benefit from it and open so as to have the ability to add more features with the growing application. 
  • Expand the test coverage to support web service tests for the various web services that the application consumes. 
  • Build a test infrastructure that is capable of handling a huge volume of tests and can be in reasonably less time.


Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNg, Maven, putty, eclipse, CURL, Postman, Restful Webservices, Perfecto Web and Mobile, Selenium Grid.