Digital Commerce by Major Cosmetic Retailer

Business Objectives

Enhance customer experience across digital channels, Increase in Sales, Scale and Streamline e-commerce operations, including expanding into new geographic markets.

Business Solution

  • Simplified Back-end operations.
  • Increased visibility into the sales lifecycle.
  • Optimized customer experience and firm foundation for future growth.
  • Revenues have surged an average of 93% a year, growing from $24 million in 2010 to $627 million in 2015 to $1.5 billion by 2019.

Technical Solution

Selected the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite to improve its web content management capabilities and offer a best-in-class online shopping experience for its customers and consultants.
By selecting the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite, client upgrades its ability to equip sales consultants with responsive and easy-to-use marketing tools, and dramatically increased the company’s e-commerce profile. This new technology also leveraged the SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator to help deliver a customized mobile solution that had given consultants any time, anywhere access via smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Create an entire B2B and B2C stores.
  • Create the required types of systems and data modeling for adding new objects to the E-Commence data model.
  • Integrate different third-party applications, like payment methods, tax calculation.
  • Create Product Catalogs and uploading the products.
  • Manage and configure different cockpits (HAC, HMC/Backoffice, CMS, ASM, Product Cockpit, etc.).
  • Create Impex, Flex queries, cronjobs, hot folders for data creating, updating and removing.
  • Create various checkout processes like Multi-Step Checkout and Single Step Checkout.
  • Manage the order flows and defining the steps on how the orders are created.
  • Create, load and delete the carts.
  • Fix day to day bugs related integrations, order flow, warehousing, etc.
  • Create Cronjob for Audit Trail that helps in tracking all the changes that were made across Backoffice/HMC cockpits.
  • Create Cronjobs for Ecommerce Reporting purpose, which helps the client to analyze day to day orders, customers, products and understand the statistics of how the business is performing.
  • Analyze the data flow between SAP Hybris, SAP Datahub and SAP ERP systems.
  • Time Interactions with third-party application providers in regard to the integration process and ongoing issues.
  • Provide solutions for issues in critically used Cron Jobs that can help in updating the catalogs, collecting the required data, kicking new promotions, etc.
  • Engage in work-related B2B and B2C stores technical enhancements and functional enhancements.
  • Create Velocity templates that help in creating different flexible templates like Email Page Templates or CMS page templates.
  • Create a low level and high-level design documents in defining granular steps that help in the development process of Storefront.
  • Configure certain container platforms like Docker, that helps in providing seamless integration between two applications.
  • Usage of Linux servers or Linux scripting as day to day activity that helps server-side maintenance. 
  • Configure and Manage the infrastructure using DevOps tools like Amazon Web Services.
  • Regular usage of issue tracking and product development tools like JIRA Atlassian for creating/writing backlogs or bugs or epics or user stories for development.
  • Regular usage of collaboration tools like Atlassian Confluence for creating all the required design documents, integration documents, project plans or any other knowledge base that is helpful for the project and team.
Timely interactions between Business Teams, Technical Teams for newly developed functionality or technical enhancements.
Perform regular testing phases across various environments like DEV, STAGING, UAT, etc.


SAP Hybris 6.4, DataHub, Java/JEE, JSP, MySQL Server, Springs, Linux, HTML, CSS, Java Script, XML.