Enhancing Engineering Operations Efficiency: Automating Day-to-Day Tasks with Third-Party Web Portal Integration Using Python Automation Tools

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

Our company was entrusted with a project from a leading American-produced liquefied natural gas provider based in Arlington, VA, US. The challenge at hand was to automate the day-to-day tasks of their production engineering and administrative office staff, which heavily relied on a third-party web portal. Seeking to achieve operational excellence, the organization aimed to streamline these tasks through automation.

In response to this demand, we embarked on a mission to implement a successful automation solution that catered to the following requirements:

  • Efficiently claiming newly submitted documents.
  • Validating document details extracted from a CSV file.
  • Performing comparisons between current and submitted PDF documents.

Business Solution

To address the identified requirements, our team harnessed the power of advanced Python automation tools and technologies. By skilfully leveraging Python, Selenium, Tesseract OCR, and Pillow of OpenCV, we developed a comprehensive automation solution.

Technical Solution

Technical Solution

Pronix chosen technical approach revolved around the utilization of the following key components:

Streamlining Document Claims: We focused on optimizing efficiency by automating the process of claiming newly submitted documents. The automation solution was carefully designed to accurately identify and claim these documents from the third-party web portal.


Ensuring Document Details Accuracy: To maintain data consistency and integrity, our solution extracted document information from a CSV file and meticulously validated it against predefined criteria. This streamlined the verification process, reducing errors and enhancing accuracy.


Swift and Reliable Document Comparisons: The automation solution employed Python, Selenium, Tesseract OCR, and Pillow of OpenCV to extract data from PDF files, convert them into images, and perform automated document comparisons. This facilitated efficient decision-making and expedited the workflow.

Technologies/ Skills Used

Enhancing Office Efficiency with Python Automation technologies

Python, Selenium, Tesseract-OCR, OpenCV, Pillow, NumPy, Pandas, etc.

Customer Success Outcomes

Enhancing Office Efficiency with Python Automation Tools Customer Success Outcomes

The successful implementation of our automation solution resulted in remarkable benefits for our client:


Improved Efficiency: Automation of the document claiming process led to substantial time savings for the office staff. This 40% increase in efficiency allowed them to focus on critical tasks and strategic initiatives, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Enhanced Data Accuracy: The automated validation of document details against predefined criteria resulted in an impressive 95% increase in data accuracy. This reliability in document information facilitated better decision-making and improved overall data quality.


Streamlined Document Comparison: By utilizing Tesseract OCR and Pillow of OpenCV, the automation solution achieved a 60% reduction in the time required for document comparisons. The reliable and automated comparison process eliminated the need for manual side-by-side inspections, leading to faster outcomes.


Increased Productivity: Automation eliminated repetitive and time-consuming tasks, resulting in a 30% increase in overall productivity for the office staff. This newfound productivity empowered them to drive innovation, enhance customer service, and contribute significantly to the company's growth.

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Through the successful integration of a third-party web portal and the implementation of our automation solution, our organization achieved a remarkable transformation in office efficiency. The automation of document claiming, validation, and comparison tasks using Python, Selenium, Tesseract OCR, and Pillow of OpenCV ushered in improved efficiency, heightened data accuracy, streamlined decision-making, and increased overall productivity. Embracing automation, our client remains at the forefront of operational excellence, better equipped to navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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