Entitlements for Multinational Software Corporation

Business Objectives

Customers can able to purchase the client products and subscriptions and they can easy to assign the products to multiple users.

Business Solution

Enterprise User Management (UM) program provides a new, more robust user management, entitlement provisioning, authentication, and authorization platform designed to scale from individual customers all the way up to large enterprises. This platform will serve as the base for multiple user assignment, entitlement, and licensing models.

Technical Solution

Enterprise-level user management tools

Active Directory Integration

Customers can choose to integrate their own internal active directory networks with Autodesk, eliminating the need to create and manage separate identities for their users in Autodesk.

Single Sign-On

Customers can securely log in once to access all Autodesk products and services using their own Active Directory security credentials.

Group-based User Management

Allows admins to manage access to entitlements at the group level in addition to the user level.

Automatic Entitlement Provisioning

Users added to groups automatically gain access to all entitlements provisioned to the group.

Automatic Deprovisioning

Users removed from a Keiko Application provides the APIs for Managing the Accounts (Managed Tenants).
Used the Eventing framework.
•    Using AWS SQS to store the message information
•    ElasticSearch is using to store user document information


JRuby, AWS, Elastic search, Backbone Js, Typescript, Puma server, Sinatra Framework.