Freight Management for Major Rail-Based Freight Transportation

Business Problem

Need a Solution for all traffic types on a unified platform to plan, execute, manage and communicate shipment movements, More accurate projections, support improved asset utilization, productivity and planning.
Reduction in customer inquiries related to shipment status. Improve CSX operations by identifying accountable failure locations. Equip marketing with information to help with pricing initiatives. Intuitive visualization of trip plan and consistent information flow to customer-facing tools.

Business Solution

Freight Management is the enterprise SaaS business solution for scheduled merchandise and intermodal traffic to generate trip plans, adjust and communicate internally and to customers during execution, and provide tools to measure performance. Freight Management is an automated shipment planning system that defines optimum routing based on shipment class, train planning and real-time execution. It provides point-of-failure data analysis and service measurement capabilities

Technical Solution

Gathering business requirements and creating technical design documents. Creating an Impact analysis document.
Developing Layered architecture uses Java, JavaEE, JSF, JMS and Prime Faces. Developing user interfaces using JSF, Prime Faces, JSON, HTML, JavaScript. Developing a business layer using Java, Java EE, JMS, SOAP/REST web services. Developing a data layer that uses EclipseLink, oracle, and DB2. Developed Test-Driven application using Junit, Mockito. Creating test cases using JUnit and manual testing. Uses Jenkins for automated CI/CD build process and Azure Cloud for production deployments.


Azure Cloud, JAVA, J2EE, JSF, HTML, JSON, REST API, Prime Faces, SOAP Web Services, XML, XSD, Spring, Oracle, JMS, WebSphere, IBM MQ Server.