Outage Management for Major Utilities

Business Problem

Robust Outage Management system needed to improve outage restoration and meet increasing customer expectations. Integrate NMS (Oracle Utilities Network Management System) which helps utilities safeguard workers and the public; improve restoration time, efficiency, and uncertainties of energy distribution operations to OMS.

Business Solution

Robust OMS (Outage Management System) system needed to improve outage restoration and meet increasing customer expectations. The Outage Dashboard is used by various departments throughout Orange & Rockland to view information about customers who have no power, the number of customers restored, and the estimated time of restoration (ETR). Additionally, the Outage Dashboard displays information of customers with medical emergencies and other priority customers. Various OMS (Outage Management System) users will be transitioned to use the Outage Dashboard in lieu of the OMS application. The purpose of this transition is to reduce the number of users currently using OMS.  The goal of this project is to implement OMS functionality into the Dashboard that is needed by certain users in Orange & Rockland to complete their daily tasks, without having to access the Outage Management System.

Technical Solution

Redesign the back end suite of applications to mitigate the contention problems.
Customer Call Integration to the Oracle Utilities NMS allowing trouble calls taken by Customer Service Representatives or the ORU IVR system to be fed into the NMS. Developed a Java application that polls the call information from DB2 to NMS in batches.    
Retrieve and Transfer device topological statuses to the NMS SCADA system through a SOAP web service.
Periodically perform updates on a set of customer model database tables to reflect customer additions/removal/modification.
Extracted the GIS electrical data by the circuit for NMS data modeling.
Implemented a module for capturing interruption information associated with electric power outages. The data is re-formatted and stored on a client-supported Data Analyzer system for reporting to the Public Service Commission.
Developed a notification system that provides business users the ability to get notifications when there is a significant number of outages or customers out. The customer and incident counts are configurable and the application is written in a generic way to make it possible to use the same application as the basis for additional notifications in the future.


Java1.8, J2EE, JDBC, SOAP, REST, WSDL, XML, XSLT, Spring, Spring boot, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL, Oracle11g, DB2, UNIX, JUnit, Tomcat, Eclipse IDE, TFS, SQLDeveloper, PGAdmin, Maven, Ant