Rewards Builder for Major Financial Service Provider

Business Problem

Provide accurate vendor information to the Relationship Managers and provide cashback/rewards that can be earned upon spend amount.

Business Solution

Rewards Builder, an application that will be used by the Relationship managers when they are in the field, which will provide vendor information with high confidence.
Rewards Builder also tells how much rewards/cashback they can earn upon spending amount.
Invoke Visa and I2 APIs to retrieve data and validate for end-user.

Technical Solution

Implemented client-facing application, which will accurately talk to APIs like VISA and I2 and provide the vendor information.
Relationship managers can retrieve vendor information using the Rewards Builder application and show up the accurate data to the end-users.
Rewards Builder, also calculates how much users can spend and how much cashback/rewards they can earn.
Technologies:   Angular JS, Java, AWS, Postgres DB, inbuilt Chassis framework, Automated tools like Bogie, Jenkins, Docker.