Test Management Major Educational Services Provider

Business Problem

IBIS (Item Banking Information System) interfaces with multiple applications, when those applications undergo changes/enhancements, IBIS application needs to be updated. Along with that, there are customer-specific test formats to be uploaded into IBIS conforming to business standards, thereby needing transformation work to ensure continuity of the existing work while the new formats are being loaded into IBIS.

Business Solution

Break fixes in the production environment. Existing functionality within the IBIS application needs to be upgraded to incorporate the changes posed by the application integrating with other business applications. Due to the above change, existing interface agreements with those applications have to be modified to accommodate new and revised data fields. As new customer formats are being added to IBIS as part of new business migrations, those have to be loaded as per business standards and at the same time, the existing format processing shouldn’t get impacted. There are utilities that perform the core IBIS functionality, those will be modified and re-used to assist with onboarding of the new customer format. 

Technical Solution

The current IBIS application code would have to be enhanced to accept the updated interface agreement with other applications. There will be no change in the mode and delivery of data transmission with those interfaces. Depending on the updated data fields, appropriate business validation rules will be kicked off when data flows between IBIS and other applications. In order to ensure conformance, utilities would be developed to ensure that the output XML data adheres to APIP Conformance standards and is validated against appropriate business XML schemas. XML testing frameworks would have to be developed to ensure that changes in the XSL style sheets don't break the existing code. Test automation using Cucumber would be enhanced to include Integration with Jenkins to simplify testing and reducing manual effort. XSLT based transformation would have to be applied to change the new incoming new customer data format into an internal data format.


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