Unified Test Management for Global Educational Services Client

Business Problem

Delivery of Tests through Test Centers and Online and giving Users one seamless experience. Converting earlier paper-based items to their digital counterpart and keeping the exact formats while Tests are delivered on a multitude of platforms.

Business Solution

Unify is a test delivery platform for the client flagship products Within Unify, iViewer is the application that enables the final rendering of the tests to the End User. iViewer is the interface through which Users are able to interact and take their tests. The goal of Unify is to be able to host and deliver all types of tests on one single platform.

Technical Solution

Unify enables the delivery of tests both through Test Centers and Online. Over the years, keeping up with the technology evolution, Unify has been able to add key propositions of package delivery, test monitoring, paid preparation service and so on. The latest win for Unify has been its implementation and unprecedented support of Web Accessibility on its flagship tests and iViewer was primarily responsible for making the tests accessible to the community.


Java, J2EE, Spring, Rest Web Service, XSLT, XML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJS, SSML, WCAG, JAWS, SVN, JBoss, Maven, Jenkins, Splunk, , JIRA, Unix